It's been a busy semester, and I have a few updates to share. First and foremost, Ryan has finished a new QGIS Raster Tutorial. Our previous tutorial received a lot of downloads but was now too far out of date, so he wrote a completely new one for QGIS 3.4 that covers the fundamentals of working with rasters. It uses surface temperature and land use and land cover data in NYC as examples. The tutorial and sample data are licensed under Creative Commons for anyone to use and share, so check it out!

Other updates:

  1. I've updated the GIS Practicum manual for QGIS, moving us from 2.18 Las Palmas to 3.4 Madeira.
  2. Chris has created updated versions of the CUNY Campus Facilities layers for CUNY campus buildings and properties; our first update for this series in several years.
  3. We've updated the NYC Geocoded Real Estate Sales database, with new data for 2018 sales.
  4. I've posted new PATH train ridership data on the NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers page.

Next items on the list: an update of our NYC mass transit features for May and a probably a new version of the NYC Geodatabase in July. Between now and then we should also hopefully have updates for NYC subway ridership for 2018 (the MTA hasn't posted new data yet). I'm working with Andrew at NYU to get many of our updates posted in their spatial repository, as it's been a couple years since we've actively collaborated on this.

I've also posted hours for the GIS Lab this summer. We'll be open for the last week of May and practically all of June, but will shut down June 28 through July 12. We'll open again Mon-Thu for the remainder of July. August is still a toss-up at this point, so stay tuned.


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