The datasets on this page were produced by the GIS Lab at the Newman Library of Baruch College, CUNY, by aggregating annual data produced by the NYC Department of Finance and geocoding it using the NYC Geoclient API. The point-based data represents either a street address or property centroid for every single real estate transaction in the five boroughs for a specific year; given the vertical nature of NYC real estate, please note that many transactions / points will occupy the same location.

The data is available as one collection in a Spatialite / SQLite geodatabase or as individual shapefiles for a given year, projected in NAD 83 NY State Plane Long Island (feet). Please review the metadata for a description of the contents, creation, and use limitations of the data (intended for non-commercial use for basic geographic analysis and mapping purposes). The data will be updated annually.

Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales dataset creation scripts on GitHub

(Includes usable sales and non-market transactions; to exclude the latter, filter by the usable attribute)

DateNameFeaturesFile TypeDownloadMetadata
2003 to 2019NYC Real Estate Sales Databasepointssqlitenyc_geocoded_real_estate_sales.zipXML
2003 to 2019Fields Dictionary excelfields_dictionary.xlsx 
2019NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2019.zipXML
2018NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2018.zipXML
2017NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2017.zipXML
2016NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2016.zipXML
2015NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2015.zipXML
2014NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2014.zipXML
2013NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2013.zipXML
2012NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2012.zipXML
2011NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2011.zipXML
2010NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2010.zipXML
2009NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2009.zipXML
2008NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2008.zipXML
2007NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2007.zipXML
2006NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2006.zipXML
2005NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2005.zipXML
2004NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2004.zipXML
2003NYC Real Estate Salespointsshapefilereal_property_sales_nyc_2003.zipXML

NYC Real Estate Sales 2003

Disclaimer: Every effort was made to insure that the data, which was compiled from public sources, was processed accurately. The creator, Baruch College, and CUNY disclaim any liability for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may be contained therein or for any damages that may arise from the foregoing. Users should independently verify the accuracy of the data for their purposes.

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