Even though we're in quarantine, the GIS Lab continues to function remotely. Here are a few updates to our datasets and resources that we've posted lately:

  • NYC Geocoded Real Estate Sales for 2019; a new shapefile and a revised database that covers 2003 - 2019.
  • A revised QGIS Raster Tutorial, updated for QGIS 3.10 A Coruna.
  • A two-page summary that describes what the NYC Geodatabase is and how it works.
  • Links from dataset pages to GitHub repos for many of the datasets that the GIS Lab creates. The repos contain scripts that are used for generating these datasets.

I've also implemented a new Geospatial Metadata metadata standard and have begun to roll out records in this format. They're more concise than the ISO records we've used in the past and do a better job in providing a quick overview of each dataset and layer.

You can continue to contact me with questions via email. The physical lab will likely remained closed over the summer, but I'll post contact hours in a few weeks.

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