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A couple of brief updates before we close out 2020:

  1. I've updated the bus and subway layers that are part of our NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers series. These layers for Nov 2020 capture the resumption of "normal" services relative to our May 2020 layers. The May 2020 series reflected the suspension of many bus and subway routes during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the old layers have been moved to our archives page. No updates to the railroad files this time, as nothing significant has changed.
  2. I've also added a new iteration to our file of IRS Tax Exempt Organizations in NYC for Dec 2020; the previous file was for June 2020.
  3. I plan to update the metadata files for some of our smaller series (population centroids, CUNY campus layers) to our new metadata standard over the winter session.

The lab will be virtually "closed" during the last two weeks of December. Remote operations will resume on a limited basis for the 2021 winter session from Jan 4 to 25, before returning to  five days a week for spring 2021. We will continue to work remotely throughout the spring semester. I'll be updating the hours on the GIS Lab page before this week is out.

Happy holidays!

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