These files are subsets of the IRS SOI Tax Stats - Exempt Organizations Business Master File Extract that contains records for tax-exempt, non-profit organizations in New York City that filed with the IRS. The majority of the orgs in the file are 501(c)(3), which are public charities and private foundations. Users should view the metadata included in the spreadsheet and the documentation provided by the IRS for details.

Each workbook contains three tabs: metadata, individual records for every entity, and a summary of records by county and EO code type. Users should regard this as raw data that was extracted from a larger raw data file. New extracts will be produced bi-annually.

Tax Exempt Organizations in NYC

DateFile TypeDownloadMetadata
Dec 2020Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2020_nyc.zipXML
June 2020Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2020_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2019Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2019_nyc.zipXML
June 2019Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2019_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2018Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2018_nyc.zipXML
June 2018Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2018_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2017Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2017_nyc.zipXML
June 2017Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2017_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2016Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2016_nyc.zipXML
June 2016Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2016_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2015Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2015_nyc.zipXML
June 2015Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2015_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2014Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2014_nyc.zipXML
Sept 2014Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_sept2014_nyc.zipXML
June 2014Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_june2014_nyc.zipXML
Mar 2014Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_mar2014_nyc.zipXML
Dec 2013Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_dec2013_nyc.zipXML
Sept 2013Excel (.xls)irs_xorgs_sept2013_nyc.zipXML


Disclaimer: Every effort was made to insure that the data, which was compiled from public sources, was processed accurately. The creator, Baruch College, and CUNY disclaim any liability for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may be contained therein or for any damages that may arise from the foregoing. Users should independently verify the accuracy of the data for their purposes.

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