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As the summer is drawing to a close I've updated several of our datasets:

  • NYC Geodatabase: the new version for aug2020 contains new ZIP Code Business Patterns data for 2018, published at the ZCTA level, and new layers for NYC subway complexes and PATH train stations that contain ridership data for 2019.
  • NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers: just a small update, for those who prefer to access the subway ridership data in a non-spatial spreadsheet format, this data is posted alongside the other mass transit features.
  • IRS Tax Exempt Organizations: a spreadsheet that lists all of the tax exempt, non-profits in NYC has been added that is current as of June 2020. We've been updating this data fairly consistently every June and December each year. I revised all of the metadata for these files based on our new standards.

Lastly, Ryan wrote a final tutorial before his last day in the lab this past June. It's an introduction to the new ArcGIS Storymaps, where he revised and updated our existing tutorial for the classic ESRI StoryMaps. All of these tutorials are available on our Resources page.

The GIS Lab will continue to be physically closed during Fall 2020, but will continue to offer remote, on-line services. I'll post new hours within the next few weeks.

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