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I just updated the IRS Migration Database, which can be used to study point to point inflows and outflows of domestic migrants from state to state and county to county, based on address changes between two consecutive years of 1040 tax filings. There are two new years of data in this update that cover moves between 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018. Our databases now contain 30 years of data for states and 28 for counties. All of this data was extracted from the IRS SOI US Population Migration Data series.

In other news, every campus throughout CUNY has been shut down for the rest of the semester due to COVID-19, which means the GIS Lab is also closed. We are working remotely: I am responding to email questions, Baruch and CUNY affiliates can make requests for virtual appointments via Zoom, and our tutorials and datasets continue to be updated.

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