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We've managed to squeeze in a few data updates before the end of the year. It's been a year since our last update to the NYC Geodatabase but we finally have a new edition for January 2019. This one contains a lot of updates: new census data tables for the 2013-2017 ACS and 2016 ZBP, ridership data from 2017 for the NYC subway and PATH trains, a new subway stations layer, and all new layers for facilities (colleges, hospitals, libraries, and schools) from 2018. The data dictionary has been updated so you can read about the changes in more detail; in particular there have been some issues with the facilities layers that have forced us to modify those files from previous versions.

Some smaller updates: we have a new data file listing IRS Tax Exempt Organizations in NYC (non-profits) as of December 2018, and have updated all the map links in the NYC data guide to point to the latest version of the census ACS.

The GIS Lab will be closed for a bit until the holidays have passed. Our hours for the winter session have been posted, and midway through January we'll post hours for spring 2019. Happy New Year!

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