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Janine's last day working for the GIS lab today - she will be sorely missed! While she and Anastasia are off to new adventures and my academic leave continues during the summer, the lab will be closed in July and August. I'll be back the first week of fall and will be recruiting for a new lab assistant position (possibly two), so look for an announcement here sometime in August.

Janine was pretty busy before she left - here are some updates:

  1. The national IRS Migration Database has been updated with a new year of data. For state to state and county to county flows the newest year is 2015-16.
  2. The NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers have been updated with new stop and line features for all the buses and the subway. The subway update reflects the re-opening of the South Ferry station and the shut down of the older South Ferry Loop at the southern end of the 1 Line. The source data for the regional trains hasn't changed, so we skipped updates for those.
  3. We have a new IRS Tax Exempt Organizations file for NYC for June 2018, listing all the non-profits in the city.

Some of the other datasets that we usually release around this time of year will be delayed until I return in the fall. This includes: 2017 ridership data for the subway and PATH, NYC real estate sales for 2017, and an updated version of the NYC Geodatabase.

As for the GIS Practicum, I won't be updating the manual this year as QGIS 2.18 will continue to be the long term release (LTR) until the end of October 2018. I plan on running a couple of workshops in the fall based on it, and you can sign up to be notified by email when registration opens. As the final version of the 2.x series 2.18 will continue to be supported for a few more years. I will eventually update the manual to the new LTR 3.4 in 2019, but it probably won't happen until mid to late spring.

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