We highly encourage students in the English department to take advantage of the many internship opportunities that New York City offers.  Such short-term positions are excellent resume builders—and they can often lead to careers after graduation.  Students interested in editing, publishing, reporting, and other careers focused on writing and creative work can receive up to 4 hours of credit as part of an independent study for interning in one of these areas. 

The English department periodically advertises internship opportunities around the city to its majors (via email and on its Facebook page), and if you are interested in receiving such notices, please contact the Associate Chair, Timothy Aubry ( 

Another very useful resource for finding internships is the STARR Career Development Center  ( located on the second floor of the Vertical Campus.  The Center’s Arts and Sciences Coordinator is Wendy Heyman (  In the past, our students have interned at publishing houses like Simon & Schuster and entertainment companies like MTV. 

Students who have found an internship and would like to receive course credit should contact the Associate Chair of the English Department, Timothy Aubry, in order to be matched up with the appropriate faculty advisor.  During the semester, students and advisors are expected to meet regularly, on a weekly or biweekly basis.  In addition to these meetings, students are expected to submit regular written assignments, including a weekly work log or journal, an interview with someone at the company, a thank you letter, and a final project or paper, describing their responsibilities, work environment, and what they learned from the internship.  Regular written assignments completed throughout the semester should yield 12-20 pages; final projects should be 6-10 pages.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact Timothy Aubry (

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