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  • Looking for a Job?
    • STARR offices are currently filled with recruiters from major corporations. Fall is prime time for accounting and finance recruiting when big accounting firms and banks flood college campuses across the nation seeking candidates for their summer internships and next Fall full time jobs.

      If you are a junior or senior in any major and are seeking an internship or full time job when you graduate make sure you have taken the mandatory On-campus Recruiting (OCR) workshop so you are eligible to apply to all OCR jobs.

      All students should check STARRSearch regularly to identify new opportunities. Don’t miss this recruiting season.
  • Wall Street Careers Panel
    • Come hear young Baruch alumni speak about their experiences on Wall Street.

      Tuesday October 28th, 12:30 – 2:00PM, Room 750/Library Building.

      Special Thanks to Dr. David Shulman ‘64 for creating this program and for his continuing support of the STARR Career Development Center.
  • Reminder: Update your Starr Search Profile
    • Make sure your graduation date, year in school, GPA and other relevant information is fully up-to-date as this information will help determine your eligibility when applying for job and internship opportunities in the system.
Upcoming Workshops
Finding Your FOCUS - Are you concerned about choosing a major and or career?
Internship Seminar - Learn everything you need to know about internships.
Creating Your Own Major - Combine courses from several departments into a unique major.
small talk 2 - Learn more advanced small talk techniques as discussed in part 1.
Professional Feedback Session - Meet with a professional for a resume review or mock interview.
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