Ramakrishnaiah Bezawada

Assc Professor

Zicklin School of Business

Department: Allen Aaronson Dept of Mkt/IB

Areas of expertise:

Email Address: ram.bezawada@baruch.cuny.edu


Ph.D., Quantitative Marketing, Purdue University West Lafayette Indiana

M.S., Statistics, Purdue University West Lafayette Indiana

M.B.A., International Business, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade New Delhi India

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani India

Journal Articles

Sridhar, K., & Bezawada, R. (2024). Investigating the Impact of Expert Ratings on Product Demand. Marketing Science, In Progress.

Kumar, A., Sridhar, K., & Bezawada, R. (2022). Investigation of Cross Media Effects in Multichannel Shopping: Roles of Email, Catalog, Television and Radio. Marketing Letters, 33(2). 189-201.

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Winterich, K., Barone, M., Carter, R., Janakiraman, R., & Bezawada, R. (2015). How Gender, Age and Residence Segments Vary in Choice of a Discount vs. a Donation-based Promotion. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25(4). 622-634.

Pickering, G., Jain, A. K., & Bezawada, R. (2013). Super-tasting Gastronomes? Taste Phenotype Characterization of Foodies and Wine Experts. Food Quality and Preference, 28(1). 85-91.

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Book Chapters

Kumar, A., & Bezawada, R. (2014). Effects of Consumers’ Social Media Participation on Consumer Behavior: A Marketing Perspective. In Ayanso, A., & Lertwachara, K. (Eds.), Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Web Analytics (p. 16). Hersey, PA,USA. IGI Global.


Bezawada, R., Sridhar, K., & Kumar, A. (2024, May 21). Tackling Abandoned Cart Recovery as a Classification Problem: A Machine Learning Approach. TPM Conference 2024. Austin, Texas: Theory and Practice in Marketing.

Bezawada, R., Sridhar, K., Kumar, A., & Salo, J. (2024, June 21). Tackling Cold Feet: Targeting Abandoned Carts for Minor, Major and Full Cart Recoveries. TPM Conference. Switzerland: Theory and Practice in Marketing.

Sridhar, K., Bezawada, R., & Kumar, A. (2020, June 12). Antecedents and Consequences Of Cart Abandonment. Informs Marketing Science Conference 2020. online: INFORMS.

Sridhar, K., Bezawada, R., & Kumar, A. (2019, June 21). Disentangling the impact of Expert Product Ratings to inform Market Strategies. Informs Marketing Science Conference 2019. Rome, Italy: INFORMS.

Sridhar, K., Bezawada, R., & Kumar, A. (2019, February 22). Disentangling the impact of Expert Product Ratings to inform Market Strategies. AMA Winter Academic Conference 2019. Austin, Texas: AMA.

Research Currently in Progess

Sridhar, K., & Bezawada, R.(n.d.). A Category Management Model of Dynamic Retailer Decisions: A Multi-factor Approach for Efficient Category Management Decision Making. In Progress.

Kumar, A., Bezawada, R., Venkatesan, S., & Sharman, R.(n.d.). Do Patients Provide Quality Advice in Online Health Social Networks? An Analysis of Threads at a Patient Portal. In Progress.

This paper looks at the consequences of social media participation in a health related social networking website.

Bezawada, R.(n.d.). The Effects of Store Relocation on Consumer Choice. In Progress.

Sridhar, K., & Bezawada, R.(n.d.). The Impact of Ratings on Consumer Choice. In Progress.

This paper looks at how ratings influence consumer choice.

Honor / AwardOrganization SponsorDate ReceivedDescription
Best in Track Paper American Marketing Association2019This ward is for the best paper in the track.
PSC/CUNY AwardPSC/CUNY2018This is award through PSC/CUNY funds
MSI Competition on “Social Interactions and Social Media Marketing”Marketing Science Institute2014The award is sponsored by Marketing Science Institute to encourage work on Social Media
Nominee, Best European Research Paper of the Year in the ICT AreaCIONET2013This yearly award is to recognize the best European research paper in the IS area.
Best Paper in Track AwardAMA Summer Educators Conference2011The award recognizes the best research in the specific area at the conference.
MSI/WIMI Competition for Modeling “Multichannel” Customer BehaviorMarketing Science Institute2010This award by Marketing Science Institute aims to foster research on Multi-channel marketing
UB-2020 Interdisciplinary Research Foundation AwardUniversity at Buffalo (SUNY)2009University wide award for inter-disciplinary research involving collaboration across schools
Robert Johnson AwardPurdue University2004Best dissertation proposal award.