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Help Desk Service Alerts

  • All systems are operational

    CUNYfirst Emergency Maintenance: CUNYfirst unavailable on Sunday, May 31, 2020
    The CUNYfirst hosting service provider must perform emergency maintenance on one of the CUNYfirst database servers. CUNYfirst will be unavailable from 10:00 am – 11:00 am on Sunday, May 31 to allow the hosting service provider to shut down the database server and perform the maintenance activities

    Completed: R25 Emergency Maintenance on Thursday, May 28th from 7PM to 9PM.
    The emergency maintenance for R25 has been completed. R25 should now be available.

    Student Information Management System (SIMS) – Decommission Phase 1 – Read Only
    On Friday, May 29, 2020 at 7PM, CIS will be setting all segments of a campus’ legacy Student Information Management System (SIMS) into Read Only (No Update) Mode. Changes to student data on SIMS will be not be allowed after the change is made.

    Adobe COVID-19 Licensing extension until July 6, 2020
    Adobe free licensing for all has been extended through July 6, 2020.   More information is available  here:  Nothing needs to be done on the part of the campus or user.

    ConnectCUNY Webex meeting changes effective May 5, 2020
    There are two ConnectCUNY Webex meeting changes that became effective on May 5, 2020:
    The license for ConnectCUNY Webex has been extended to August 31, 2020.

    ConnectCUNY Webex will be available to support CUNY Summer Session and Spring Session 2 classes at Kingsborough, LaGuardia and Guttman Community Colleges.

    The toll-free telephone number and “call me” options for telephone audio access to online ConnectCUNY Webex meetings have been discontinued. (This change only applies to ConnectCUNY Webex accounts and not to standard Webex accounts.)

    Users participating in a ConnectCUNY Webex meeting by dialing the telephone number listed may incur telephone service toll charges. Users can avoid these telephone charges by using their computer audio instead of the telephone.

    The Webex Quick Start Guide on the CUNY IT Resources for Remote Work & Teaching page will be updated by May 7, 2020 to reflect these changes.

    Blackboard: Best practices to avoid meeting intruders in Blackboard Collaborate
    Campuses are reporting instances in which strangers have accessed Blackboard Collaborate sessions and caused disturbances. These uninvited guests have not hacked into Blackboard--they have simply taken advantage of Blackboard Collaborate settings similar to “Zoom Bombing” as reported in the  news. Intruders had simply received the guest link and telephone number and joined the Blackboard Collaborate session anonymously.

    Instructors can avoid intruders in Blackboard Collaborate by:

    • Creating a separate Collaborate session for each online meeting
    • Disabling guest access and require students to join Collaborate sessions through Blackboard so participants can be identified
    • Disabling private chat and muting microphones so that students will have to use the raise hand feature to be unmuted by you
    • Helpful instructions for these Blackboard Collaborate settings can be found in the following links (also available from the CUNY Blackboard Collaborate page):
    • Manage Attendees (Blackboard page describing how to mute attendees, manage attendees and remove attendees)  
    • Session Best Practices (Blackboard page that includes guidance on participant permissions, guest links, and tips on conducting successful online meetings)

    CUNYfirst: New Student Document Upload feature available April 10, 2020.
    Starting April 10th, students will be able to securely upload documents that are required by their colleges in the areas of Financial Aid, Health Services, and Registrar/student records. This new upload feature in CUNYfirst enables students to deliver supporting documents that were previously required to be submitted in person. Upon submission, document files are stored in a FileNet Student Documents Repository and viewable by designated administrators in the relevant college and Central Office departments. 

    Students can access the new “Document Upload” link in CUNYfirst by selecting Campus Solutions > Self Service > Document Upload.  They then select the desired document classification (Financial Aid, Health Services or Registrar) type of document to be uploaded. File formats include the following, subject to a 20 megabyte size restriction each: PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and photos of documents (JPEG). 

    Detailed student instructions are available in Student Document Upload on the CUNYfirst Student Training page as well as from an announcement on the CUNYfirst portal page. 

    Students having an issue with a document upload should contact their campus help desk for assistance.

    All BCTCLabs and the Newman Library are CLOSED until further notice.  Helpdesk support is available online via email (

    Do NOT "Shut Down" when using Remote Desktop
    If you are a faculty or staff member getting to your office computer via Remote Desktop Conenction and the VPN, please do NOT end your session by going to "Shut Down" on the menu. This will power off your PC and make it unavailable. Use the "Disconnect" option or hit the "X" in the "Remote Desktop Connection" window or drop-down title bar if full-screen, to leave your computer on and the session running.  If you do accidentally shut down email the Helpdesk for assistance, in most cases we can restart the computer remotely.

    Access to Creative Cloud for Students
    Update:  Creative Cloud is now available.  Please follow the instructions from CUNY

    Adobe is allowing CUNY students to use Creative Cloud from home during the current situation.

    Information for Administrative users
    We have compiled a list of information about administrative resources during the current campus situation.

    Zoom videoconferncing licenses
    Baruch has licensed Zoom for campus use during the current situation. Users can log in to with their Baruch username and password to access it.

    CUNY Information on Teaching and Working Remotely
    CUNY has posted a page on resources available from
    CUNY for faculty and staff who need to work remotely.  This page is at

    CUNY Net Price Calculator became available on Monday, March 30th, 2020
    On March 30, 2020 the Net Price Calculator became available with a new URL,
    The old one at will be turned off on April 1, 2020 at 7 AM. Please update any links you may have to the new site before then.

    ConnectCUNY Webex: Users must keep their username as their email address to use Webex
    When logging into connectCUNY webex, users MUST use their CUNY Login credentials as their email address. Once logged into webex, users must not update/change the email address, which is when access is lost.

    Updated 5/29/2020 6:13pm

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