Jonathan Gersch


Zicklin School of Business

Department: Paul Chook Dept InfoSys & Stat

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M.S., Mathematics, Satistics and Operations Resesarch, New York University New York

BSE, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA

SemesterCourse PrefixCourse NumberCourse Name
Fall 2023STA9708Managerial Statistics
Fall 2023STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2023STA2000Business Statistics I
Summer 2023STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2022STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2022STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Summer 2022STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2022STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2022STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2021STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2021STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Summer 2021STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2021STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Spring 2021STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2020STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2020STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Summer 2020STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2020STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Spring 2020STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2019STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2019STA2000Business Statistics I
Summer 2019STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2019STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2019STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2018STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2018STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Summer 2018STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2018STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Spring 2018STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2017STA9708Managerial Statistics
Fall 2017STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Summer 2017STA9708Managerial Statistics
Summer 2017STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2017STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2017STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2016STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2016STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Summer 2016STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2016STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2016STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2015STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2015STA2000Business Statistics I
Summer 2015STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2015STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2015STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2014STA2000Business Statistics I
Summer 2014STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2014STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2014STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2013STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Fall 2013STA2000Business Statistics I
Summer 2013STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2013STA2000HHonors - Business Statistics
Spring 2013STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2012STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2012STA2000Business Statistics I
Spring 2012STA2000Business Statistics I
Fall 2011MTH2207Elements of Calculus I and Ma
Fall 2011MTH2003Precal & Elem of Cal 1A


Committee NamePosition RoleStart DateEnd Date
Statistics DeptCommittee MemberPresent
Statistics DeptInterviewerPresent
Statistics DeptFaculty MentorPresent
TutoringFaculty MentorPresent


Committee NamePosition RoleStart DateEnd Date
Statistics DeptCommittee Member9/1/2023Present


OrganizationPosition RoleOrganization StateOrganization CountryStart DateEnd DateAudience
Town and Village SynagogueAssistant Ritual DirectorPresent
Pi Tau Sigma National Honors Engineering FraternityChair of Advising CommitteePresent