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Deborah Balk is Director of the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research. She is also a member of the CUNY Graduate Center faculty in the sociology, public health and economics programs. Her expertise lies in spatial demography and the integration of earth and social science data and methods to address interdisciplinary policy questions. Her current research focus is on urbanization, migration & population distribution, poverty and health, and environmental interactions, particularly climate change. Prior to coming to Baruch, she held appointments at Columbia University, the East-West Center, and the University of Michigan.

She received her PhD in Demography from the University of California at Berkeley, and her Masters in Public Policy and AB in International Relations from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Ph.D., Demography, University of California at Berkeley

MPP, Public Policy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

AB, International Relations, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

SemesterCourse PrefixCourse NumberCourse Name
Fall 2023PAF9270Data Collection and Descriptio
Spring 2023DCP70300Spatial Demography
Spring 2023SOC89000Independent Research
Spring 2023PSC83900Tutorial Independent Study
Spring 2023IMS79001Independent Studies
Spring 2023SOC81900ST: Sociological Statistics
Spring 2023QMSS75000ST: Quantitative Mthds Soc Sci
Fall 2022PAF9999Ind Study In PAF
Fall 2021PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Fall 2021SOC89000Independent Research
Fall 2021SOC81900ST: Sociological Statistics
Fall 2021DCP70300Spatial Demography
Spring 2021PAF9186Map Making For Public
Fall 2020DCP80300Topics in Demography
Fall 2020SOC72200Demography & Populat Problems
Fall 2020QMSS75000ST: Quantitative Mthds Soc Sci
Spring 2020QMSS75000ST: Quantitative Mthds Soc Sci
Spring 2020DCP80300Topics in Demography
Spring 2020SOC81900ST: Sociological Statistics
Spring 2020PAF9186Map Making For Public
Spring 2019PAF9186Map Making For Public
Spring 2019DCP80300Topics in Demography
Spring 2019QMSS79700Independent Study
Spring 2019MALS79000Thesis/Capstone Project
Spring 2018PAF9186Map Making For Public
Fall 2017SOC72200Population Dyna&Climate Change
Fall 2017DCP80300Population Dyna&Climate Change
Spring 2017PAF9186Map Making For Public
Spring 2017SOC81900Spatial Demography
Spring 2017PAF5000Independent Study PAF I
Spring 2017DCP80300Spatial Demography
Spring 2016PUBH90000Dissertation Supervision
Fall 2015PUBH90000Dissertation Supervision
Fall 2015PAF9186Map Making For Public
Spring 2015PUBH90000Dissertation Supervision
Spring 2015PUBH89903Supervised Dissertation Resrch
Spring 2015PUBH89904Supervised Dissertation Resrch
Spring 2015EES79903Spatial Demography
Fall 2014PUBH89902Supervised Dissertation Resrch
Fall 2014PUBH89903Supervised Dissertation Resrch
Fall 2014PUBH89904Supervised Dissertation Resrch
Fall 2014PUBH89901Supervised Dissertation Resrch
Fall 2013PAF9186Map Making For Public
Fall 2013PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Spring 2013PAF9999Ind Study In PAF
Fall 2012DCP80300Spatial Demography
Fall 2012SOC81900Spatial Demography
Summer 2012PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Summer 2012PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Summer 2011PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Summer 2011PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Spring 2011PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Spring 2011PAF9600Map Making for Public Policy
Spring 2010PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Fall 2009PAF9600Map Making for Public Policy
Spring 2009PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Fall 2008PAF9999Ind Study In PAF
Fall 2008PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Spring 2008PAF9172Research and Analysis II
Fall 2007PAF9699Topics Public Policy
Summer 2007PAF9999Ind Study In PAF
Spring 2007PAF9699Topics Public Policy
Spring 2007PAF9198Public Affairs Workshop
Fall 2006PAF9198Public Affairs Workshop
Fall 2006PAF9198Public Affairs Workshop


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Andrew Carnegie FellowCarnegie Corporation of New York (2016-2018)2016
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Accelerated Master's Degree in Public Policy (1983-1985)1985
Honor's Program (1980-1983)College of LS&A, University of Michigan 1983


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CUNY School of Public Health, Executive Committee6/1/2014Present
CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, Sustainable New York Knowledge NetworkAdvisor1/1/2006Present
Graduate Faculty in Sociology, Professor10/1/2006Present
Graduate Faculty in Public Health, Professor1/1/2014Present
Graduate Faculty in Economics, Professor1/1/2007Present
CUNY Institute for Demographic Research, CIDR Associate Director10/1/20066/30/2020
CUNY School of Public Health, Epidemiology Program, First Exam Committee1/1/201412/31/2016


OrganizationPosition RoleOrganization StateOrganization CountryStart DateEnd DateAudience
Population and EnvironmentGuest Editor (with Kathryn Grace)1/1/201912/31/2019
International Journal of Digital EarthGuest Editor (with Daniele Erlich and Richard Sliuzas)1/1/201812/31/2019
DemographyEditorial Board1/1/201612/31/2019
Spatial DemographyGuest Editor (with Mark Montgomery)1/1/201512/31/2015


OrganizationPosition RoleOrganization StateOrganization CountryStart DateEnd DateAudience
Association of Population CentersBoard Member8/1/2020Present
New York City Panel on Climate Change, 4th AssessmentCo-chair12/1/2019Present
Census Scientific Advisory Committee, United States Census BureauMember9/1/2019Present
Committee on Population, National Academy of SciencesMember9/1/2019Present
Steering Committee, The Group of Earth Observations (GEO) Human Planet InitiativeMember1/1/2016Present
User Working Group, Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (A NASA Distributed Active Archive Center), CIESIN, Columbia UniversityMember1/1/2015Present
New York State Climate Assessment, Society and Economy Working GroupMemberNew YorkUnited StatesPresentState
External Advisory Group, World Pop Project, University of SouthamptonMember1/1/201712/31/2019
Editorial Board, Spatial Demography1/1/201212/31/2016
Scientific Steering Committee, Scenarios and Interpretive Science Working Group of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP)Committee Member2/1/20148/31/2014
National Research Council, Panel on Himalayan Glaciers, Climate Change, and Implications for Downstream Populations, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, and Committees on Population. Resulting publication: Himalayan Glaciers: Climate Change, Water Resources, and Water Security, Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 2012Member7/1/201112/31/2013
The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), “Where do Cities get their Water? Towards a City Water Map.Co-organizer (w/Rob McDonald)10/31/2013
The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), “Where do Cities get their Water? Towards a City Water Map.Co-organizer (w/Rob McDonald)9/30/2012
Small group meeting on Spatial Human Population Distribution Modeling for Epidemiological ApplicationsCo-organizer (w/Andrew Tatem)5/31/2011
International Union for the Scientific Study of PopulationMember1/1/200412/31/2008
New York Research Data Center Census Data WorkshopMember, Organizing committee12/31/2008
National Science Foundation, Geography and Regional Science Program12/31/2007
Urban Remote Sensing/ Urban 2007 Meeting Committee MemberFrance4/10/20074/13/2007
National Research Council, Panel on Confidentiality Issues Arising from the Integration of Remotely Sensed Data with Social Science SurveyMember1/1/200512/31/2006
Measure Demographic and Health Survey GIS Working Group, Marco InternationalMember1/1/200012/31/2006
National Research Council, Committe on the Effective use of Data Methodologies and Technologies to Estimate Sub-national Populations at Risk, ad hoc committee of the Geographic Sciences CommitteeMember11/1/20059/30/2006
Rethinking the Estimation and Projection of Urban and City PopulationsWorkshop Organizer1/31/2006
Global Spatial Data and Information User WorkshopCo-organizer9/30/2004
Confidentiality and Geospatial Data Workshop, for NASA’s Public Health Applications ProgramCo-organizer6/30/2003
Global Poverty MappingCo-organizer3/31/2003
Global InfrastructureLead organizer10/31/2000
Gridded PopulationLead organizer5/31/2000