Dan Li

Dan Li

Asst Professor

Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Department: Philosophy

Areas of expertise: philosophy of climate science, philosophy of AI, network science, epistemology

Email Address: dan.li@baruch.cuny.edu

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How do scientists know what they know?–this is the question that I aim to answer throughout my research. Specifically, I look at how climate scientists use computational methods, numerical modeling, and big data to learn about climate change. I've written on inductive inference in machine learning and the logic of research questions in dendroclimatology. My current research focuses on explainable AI in climate science. 


M.S., Informatics, Indiana University Bloomington United States

Ph.D., dual major: Philosophy of Science and Informatics, Indiana University Bloomington United States

SemesterCourse PrefixCourse NumberCourse Name
Fall 2023PHI3200HHonors - Environmental Ethics
Fall 2023PHI3200Env Ethcs,Law,Publ Policy
Fall 2023PHI1500Major Issues in Philosophy