History of Baruch College Book and Exhibit


9.1 Baruch College Proposed New Campus (c.1986)

The road to a new campus for Baruch College was a long one, but under the leadership of President Joel Segall it appeared that this would finally become a reality. The plan envisioned Site A, the Lexington Avenue building and Site B a facility between 24th and 25th streets off Lexington Avenue. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

9.2 The Baruch College Fund - Annual Report 81/82

The Baruch College Fund financed many projects over the years. One 1981/82 report highlights the years of activities which included a theater program, athlete program, Baruch publications and an assortment of activities in many areas of college life. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

9.3 Center for Management Development and Organization Research

The Center for Managment Development and Organization Research was one of the research centers supported by the Baruch College Fund. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

9.4 Gallery Brochure (1983)

An art gallery was opened in the new administrative building in 1983. An impressive exhibition schedule is maintained even to this day. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

9.5 Photograph of Demonstration for a Separate Alumni Association (c.1986)

With the demand in the 1980s for greater representation of minority groups there was a movement developed to form a separate Black and Hispanic Alumni Association. The initiative eventually proved unsuccessful. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

9.6 12 Who Made It Big

During the 1980s the accomplishments of faculty and alumni were highlighted in different publications. Baruch Today listed faculty and alumni successes and Jason Marks provided information on twelve important alumni in his publication supported by the Alumni Association and the Baruch Development Fund. [Source: Baruch College Archives. Jason Marks, 12 Who Made It Big. New York: Bernard M. Baruch College Alumni Association, 1981. ]

9.7 23rd Street Panorama (1983)

Publicity for Baruch College was growing in the early 1980s and the American Automobile Association included it on their map of the city. Banners were put on the side of 17 Lexington Avenue and a marker on the 23rd Street subway station denoted the stop as close to Baruch College. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]