History of Baruch College Book and Exhibit


6.1 The Baruch College Fund, "Annual Report 1970"

The Baruch College Fund was established in 1969 to raise money for college activities which were not paid for by tax-levied money. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.2 The Baruch College Fund, Assorted Memos, By-laws etc. (1969)

The Baruch College Fund according to the By-Laws was to "Grant and For Administrative Scholarships and Fellowships." [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.3 College Handbook, 1972-1973. Baruch College, The City University of New York

The College Handbooks were published to answer questions that students might have relating to every aspect of academic and social life at the college. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.4 College Handbook, 1973-1974. Baruch College, The City University of New York

Topics covered by the handbook ranged from health services to library hours -- all the information necessary to navigate life at Baruch College. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.5 Photograph of Student Demonstration (1970)

Students at the Baruch campus experienced a turbulent Spring 1970. Open Admissions in the City University of New York was instituted. On May 7, 1970 student protest at Kent State to the Vietnam War led to the shooting of four students. Students, faculty and administration at Baruch reacted to the events with sit-ins, boycotts etc. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.6 Office of the President, May 1970 Memos in Reaction to Kent State

College and universities across the country tried to address the events at Kent State. At Baruch President Robert Weaver held a convocation. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.7 May 6, 1970 Baruch Memorial Service Held for Kent Four

On May 6, 1970 a memorial service was organized at Baruch College for the students of Kent State. Students, faculty, and administration participated. The service itself lasted an hour and a half. Every seat was taken and people were standing up and lining the aisles. Following the service, there was a silent march outside the college's main building at Lexington Avenue and 23rd Street. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

6.8 "Baruch College Plans and Procedures for Dealing With Open Admissions, September, 1970"

In September 1970 Open Admissions was instituted in the City University of New York. The number of entering students almost tripled which meant more demands on facilities, faculty and administration. [Source: Baruch College Archives. Committee on Open Enrollment. "Baruch College Plans and Procedures for Dealing With Open Admissions September, 1970," February, 1970.]

6.9 Photograph of Baruch College President Clyde Wingfield (c.1971)

President Clyde Wingfield assumed his position in 1971 and remained at Baruch until 1976. During his administration the college was reorganized, both graduate and undergraduate studies were strengthened and he established categories for alumni giving. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]