History of Baruch College Book and Exhibit


8.1 President Joel Segall (c.1980)

President Segall began in August 1977 as President of Baruch College. His objective was to improve the image of the college by adding new programs, and new faculty. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

8.2 Commencement (1987)

In 1987, 91% of the graduates of Baruch were awarded the BBA degree, which was not much different from the first graduating class of Baruch in 1969. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

8.3 "The First Commencement Exercises"

"The First Commencement Exercises," Thursday, June Twelfth, One Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty-Nine At Two in the Afternoon. [Source: Baruch College Archives. The Bernard M. Baruch College of The City University of New York.]

8.4 Globus Distinguished Lecture Series

Starting in 1980 the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences of Baruch had a "Lecture/Performance Event" where exceptional figures from the arts were invited to perform or lecture. Made possible by the Globus family this was an excellent enhancement to the intellectual life of the college. [Source: Baruch College Archives.]

8.5 "Developing Leadership Diversity In Organizations"(February 19, 1992)

The Philip Morris Lectures on business and society began in 1986. From the time of its inception until 1992 eleven speakers came to Baruch and spoke of new developments in the relationship between business and society. [Source: Baruch College Archives. Ann M. Morrison, "Developing Leadership Diversity In Organizations," Baruch College: The Philip Morris Program in Business and Society at Baruch College, 1992.]

8.6 Dollars and $ense

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences began several bridge programs, such as Business Journalism. This program produced the publication Dollars and $ense. [Source: Baruch College Archives. Dollars and $ense, Volume 1, Number 1, June 1979.]