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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Telephone System

Last updated on 2/17/06

Main telephone number: (646) 312-1000.

Baruch College has recently upgraded its telecommunications system to provide four-digit dialing among campus facilities and a single voice mail system for easy transmission of messages across the campus. All members of the faculty and staff are provided with a multi-feature phone set and a voice mailbox. 

Upon request to the telecommunications department, new faculty and staff will be provided with a telephone number, a phone, and an authorization code that is necessary for long distance calls. This request may be made by the new  user or department support staff. 

For repairs, requests, long distance authorization code forms, training, voice mail concerns, or any other telephone assistance, please call 646-312-2355 (ext. 2355) or go to to access the appropriate form.

Directory Information
All Baruch College directory information is available online at It is easily printed.

Voice Mail Information

For information on how to initialize your mailbox and how to use the Nu Point voice mail system, go to

Phone Features

For information how to use the most common phone features, go to