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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Personnel Review Binders

Last updated on 1/12/2015

With the assistance of the chair or delegate, professorial faculty and lecturers should prepare and annually update their personnel review binders. All materials in the binder should be organized in counter-chronological order. A checklist for the personnel review binder is available in Appendix A. The organization and contents of the binder are as follows:

A Table of Contents, listing all materials from the candidate's personal file, must be included at the front of the file.

SECTION I.   Candidate Information and Evaluations

  1. CV - The standard form must be used [see Curriculum Vitae (Official format for Baruch Curriculum Vitae) available from this link in the Faculty Handbook). Digital Measures is formatted according to that standard, and faculty are strongly encouraged to import that data instead of transcribing a separate CV. (See Faculty Handbook for additional information on Digital Measures, including running a report that will generate a CV in Baruch format.) The CV must be complete and current.

  2. Statement of Candidate - A self-evaluation of teaching, service, and scholarship; should include a brief overview of important publications and an evaluation of courses taught. It should also provide information about future plans for teaching and research.

  3. All annual evaluations by the department chair.

  4. Masked copies of external reviews that were obtained before 1994. Reviews that were obtained starting in Fall 1994 are not placed in the personal file but are put in the administration file (see below). Correspondence with reviewers and all documentation that identifies the external reviewers are filed in the administration file; all other correspondence related to external reviews are filed in Section V.

  5. Other recommendations and Comments - recommendations that were received by any means other than the College's external review process. If letters have been solicited by the faculty member, copies of the requesting letters should also be included. (For promotion to full professor, letters from full professors in the department are not in the personal file, but are placed in the candidate's administration file.

SECTION II.   Teaching Portfolio
  1. All peer observation reports and all post-observation conference memoranda.

  2. Student Evaluations - In addition to the evaluations of the candidate, the binder will contain statistical data on the performance of all departmental members evaluated; data will be made available through the School Dean.

  3. Other Teaching Documentation - Include any other documentation that addresses the teaching of the candidate; e.g., course syllabi, examinations, materials prepared for students.

  4. Pedagogical materials developed by candidate and documentation of the use of the materials.

SECTION III.   Service Portfolio

Include any materials that pertain to service activities that are itemized on the CV. These may include statements from the department chair commenting on departmental service assignments, letters received from professional organizations, statements from chairs of college or university committees, etc.

SECTION IV.   Research Portfolio
  1. Publications - Reprints of all items on the CV in print must be included in this section of the file. If the work is voluminous, it may be included in an appropriately identified box or boxes accompanying the binder; note the supplementary location of these materials on a sheet that is included in Section IV.

  2. Other Evidence - Other items listed on the CV, e.g. galley proofs of works in progress, acceptances, completed manuscripts and manuscripts in preparation, correspondence with editors, must be included in this section of the file.

  3. Programs - Materials related to presentations at professional meetings cited on the CV must be included in the file.

  4. Reports - Fellowship and scholar incentive leave reports must be included in the file.

  5. Grants - Documentation related to grants completed, current, and pending must be included in the file.

  6. Other Documentation - Any other documentation relating to research and publication activities cited on the CV that will assist in the evaluation of the quality of the activities must be included in the file.

SECTION V.   General Information and Correspondence
  1. Workload History - Include copies of the candidate's workload reports, including released time for research and service.

  2. Correspondence - Include all copies of all correspondence pertaining to the external review process that do not identify the reviewers (e.g. departmental notices to candidate, copies of procedural memos sent to candidate).

  3. Include a copy of the current departmental policies and procedures, if available.

Other documents that related to the staff member's employment history but which have no bearing on his or her candidacy (e.g. personnel action forms, routine correspondence), should be kept in a separate file folder that remains part of the personal file.

This review binder is supplemented by key documents from the administration file, to which the candidate does not have access. These materials include the initial job application-resume, reference letters, and external review letters. Only those governance bodies identified as key to the review are privy to those documents.

Lecturers prepare personnel binders that contain pertinent information pertaining to their position description; they are not required to submit materials relevant to research.
CLTs prepare personnel binders that contain pertinent information pertaining to their position description.

For additional information, see the Faculty Handbook.