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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Personnel Issues   (Miscellaneous)

Last updated on 1/12/2015

For many personnel issues the best source of information is the PCS-CUNY contract. Hard copies of the "Agreement between the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY and the City University of New York," dated February 1, 2007 - July 31, 2010 may be obtained from the union ( or 212-354-1252). The recently approved contract will not appear in bound form, but it will be available on the PSC-CUNY website. Items discussed by the old contract are as follows:

Article 1    Recognition
Article 2    CUNY-PSC Relationships
Article 3    Unit Stability
Article 4    Check-Off and Agency Shop
Article 5    Information and Data
Article 6    Reassigned Time
Article 7    Organizational Use of Facilities
Article 8    Non-Discrimination
Article 9    Appointment and Reappointment
Article 10   Schedule for Notification of Reappointment and Non- Reappointment
Article 11   Classification of Titles
Article 12   Certificate of Continuous Employment
Article 13   Appointments and Reappointments in the Higher Education Officer (HEO) Series
Article 14   Leaves and Holidays
Article 15   Workload
Article 16   Temporary Disability or Parental Leave
Article 17   Jury Duty
Article 18   Professional Evaluation
Article 19   Personnel Files
Article 20   Complaint, Grievance and Arbitration Procedures
Article 21   Disciplinary Actions
Article 22   Increased Promotional Opportunities
Article 23   Distinguished Professorships
Article 24   Salary Schedules
Article 25   Research Fellowship and Scholar Incentive Awards
Article 26   Welfare Benefits
Article 27   Retirement
Article 28   Travel Allowances
Article 29   Waiver of Tuition Fees
Article 30   Facilities and Services
Article 31   Rehiring of Persons who are Discontinued
Article 32   Discontinuances
Article 33   Faculty and Staff Development
Article 34   Medical Series
Article 35   CUNY Law School
Article 36   Resident Series
Article 37   Academic Calendar
Article 38   Workers' Compensation
Article 39   Occupational Safety and Health
Article 40   No Strike Pledge
Article 41   Legislative Action
Article 42   2007 - 2010 Financial Provisions
Article 43   Duration

Appendix A: Pertinent Sections of the Workload Settlement Agreement
Appendix B: Guidelines for the Implementation of the Adjunct Professional Development Fund
Appendix C: Settlement Agreement - Salaries Above Base
Appendix D: Pilot Student Mentoring Program Side Letter
Supplemental Agreements: Continuing Education and EOCs
Additional Side Letters and Agreements

Baruch's PSC Chapter Chair (Vincent Digirolamo) and Grievance Counselor (Peter Pepper: 917-838-5072) are available to help clarify contractual rights, obligations, and procedures, as are members of the Human Resources staff ( 646 660-6590 ), the academic deans, and department chairs.

The college's Personnel Procedures Manual is another valuable resource. Each academic department has two copies of the Manual. One section includes the official forms used by the college for a wide variety of personnel procedures. These may be photocopied. Eventually, the forms will be available on line.