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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Strategic Plan for Baruch College

Last updated on 1/27/06

Memorandum to: The Baruch College Community
From: President Kathleen Waldron
Date: 27 January 2006

I am delighted to launch the Baruch College Strategic Plan, 2006-2011, which can be accessed on the College's website at

We began the planning process ten months ago, and called upon a number of the College's standing committees and other College groups to elicit broad participation in examining important issues and making recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council. Over 100 people participated in the process, attending a retreat, submitting reports, reviewing recommendations and attending open forums for discussion. On November 1, 2005, the Council circulated a draft plan to the College community inviting comment. The Strategic Planning Council encouraged conversation and worked hard to understand and synthesize the many recommendations we received. We are very grateful to students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who came to the town halls, debated in their departments, and emailed us comments. All the feedback we received was shared with, read, and discussed by the Council. Many suggestions were incorporated into the Plan we have now adopted, and we are confident it is stronger as a result.

In the coming weeks, we will be moving swiftly on developing an implementation plan so that we can make and track progress towards the goals outlined in the document. I look forward to working with you to make Baruch College an institution of which we are all very proud.

Members of the Strategic Planning Council:
Kathleen Waldron, President (Chair)
Paula Berggren, Professor of English
David Birdsell, Acting Dean of the School of Public Affairs
Myrna Chase, Dean of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
Ben Corpus, Vice President for Student Development & Enrollment Management
David Dannenbring, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
John Dugan, Dean of Faculty & Staff Relations, Counsel to the President
John Elliott, Vice President and Dean of the Zicklin School of Business
David Gallagher, Vice President for College Advancement
Mary Gorman Hetherington, Chief of Staff to the President
Shaheen Mandani, Undergraduate Student
Terrence Martell, Chair of the Faculty Senate, Saxe Distinguished Professor of Finance; Director of the Weissman Center for International Business
Diane Morgan, Graduate Student
Alvin Puryear, Lawrence N. Field Professor of Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management
Robert Specter, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Lynne Weikart, Associate Professor of Public Affairs
Larry Zicklin, Chairman, Baruch College Fund

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Documents related to earlier communications:

Reports of the following committees to the Strategic Planning Council are available on the Blackboard site under “Committees”:


Joint Committee on Research

The report defines goals and mechanisms of support for faculty research activity.


Joint Committee on Curriculum and Articulation

The report provides an overview of assessment activities college-wide.


Committee on Excellence in Teaching and Learning
This report advances recommendations for promoting a culture in which teaching excellence is valued and supported.


Student Affairs Committee
The report suggests strategies for improving services to students, including international students and evening students, and for improving support services to all students.


Visibilty Committee
Recommendations for increasing the college's visibility and recognition in New York City and beyond, including a new college-wide advertising campaign, a marketing strategy for specific programs, and an alumni outreach program.


Finance Committee
This report makes recommendations regarding fiscal policy, resource allocation, and budgetary decision-making processes.


Productivity Committee
Advances recommendations on strategic goals and operational priorities with respect to increasing productivity in both academic and administrative settings.


Facilities Committee
This committee will develop an ongoing Master Facilities Plan that ensures the long-term physical development of the campus, a renovation of the 17 Lexington Avenue building, and the possible acquisition of new facilities to support our large student population.


Human Resources Committee
Makes recommendations for increasing and improving college-wide personnel development, succession planning efforts, performance evaluations processes, and employee recognition.


The following reports to the Strategic Planning Council are available through the Blackboard site under “Background Materials.” Some are also linked below:


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