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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Institutional Review Board (the IRB)

This page last updated on 11/1/11

Professional ethics require protection of research participants and federal law mandates that researchers working with human subjects acquire approval of an institutional review board.   


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Important Changes as of Fall 2011

From: Gillian M. Small, Vice Chancellor for Research, CUNY

In an effort to maintain the highest quality of research possible and achieve the highest standards for our Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), the City University of New York will be undergoing an organizational change for its oversight of human subject research activities. This change will include major structural and process changes for the review and oversight of research involving human subjects at CUNY and its campuses. As previously alerted, one of these changes involve transitioning to a new web-based software/database system, IRBNet. This transition is part of our focus for a strong research community for both CUNY faculty/researchers and research participants.

HRPP professionals from The HRP Consulting Group, Inc., along with key CUNY staff and faculty involved in HRPP activities, have already begun meeting and outlining steps to make this transition as seamless as possible. We understand that a transition of this magnitude may cause some uncertainty and concerns. However please understand that we will do everything we can to make sure this transition will neither disrupt your research nor provide you any further inconvenience than necessary.

Below, you will find important information regarding the organizational changes, process changes, key dates and timelines, and appropriate contact information. Thank you for your continued patience and commitment to ethical human subject research at CUNY.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that we have created a new position within this office, the Director for Research Compliance. Ms. Farida Lada will be joining the office next month and will serve as the new Director. In the interim, please contact Mr. Alavy Sos ( if you have any questions or concerns.

Gillian M. Small, Ph.D
Vice Chancellor for Research
The City University of New York


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The following information dates from before Fall 2011 and is to some extent superceded by the information above.

The Institutional Review Board is a Baruch body consisting of faculty and one community member which must approve in advance all human subjects research involving Baruch personnel. The mission of the Baruch IRB is to facilitate quality research, with quality in this context emphasizing balancing risks and benefits for human subjects. 

A researcher at Baruch must complete computer based training and, prior to each new research study, submit an application to the Baruch Institutional Review Board. In brief, the application asks for concise descriptions of a study’s purposes, design and procedures. Important criteria for IRB approval include voluntary participation, confidentiality, informed consent, and limited risk.


Does Your Project Warrant IRB Review?

If an activity is designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge, and if it involves obtaining information from or about living individuals, the project requires advance IRB approval.

Such projects include funded and non-funded questionnaire, interview, qualitative, secondary, and experimental research. Pilot projects need review. In-class exercises done wholly for pedagogical purposes need not be submitted for prior IRB review, and institutional research that is not disseminated externally does not require approval.


Research conducted by faculty, staff, and students needs IRB approval. 


Information is available at


The computer based training is accessible at


If you have questions or want to arrange a presentation about the IRB, feel free to communicate with Prof. Hannah Rothstein, the IRB's Chair, or with Keisha Peterson, the IRB's adminstrator. The members of the Baruch IRB are:

Lauren Block, Marketing,
Micheline Blum, SPA
Harry Brent, English
Nermin Eyuboglu, Marketing
David Kossey, Community member
Jaihyun Park, Psychology
Keisha Peterson, Administrator
Hannah Rothstein, Management, Chair of Baruch IRB
Ryan Smith, SPA
Kristin Sommer, Psychology, Deputy Chair of Baruch IRB
Cynthia Thompson, Management


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IRB Annual Report for 2010, including data from 2007-2010

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In spring 2005, three memos regarding the Baruch IRB were circulated to the members of the full-time faculty. Those memos are repoduced at:


In March 2005 the College engaged Dr. Jeffrey M. Cohen as a consultant. Dr. Cohen reviewed IRB records and interviewed 18 members of the faculty and several administrators. His report is entitled "Evaluation of Baruch College's Human Research Protections Program."