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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Canceling Classes

This page last updated on 3/6/2015

Instructors are expected to teach every class scheduled during the term unless there is official notice of cancellation by the college. However, if the instructor is ill or if an emergency occurs, instructors should do the following:

  • If there is sufficient lead time, contact your department chair and make arrangements for a substitute instructor.
  • If the class does have to be cancelled (either because no substitute can be found or because there is insufficient lead time), email your students and copy the email to both your chair and your department's secretary.
  • If the need to cancel a class arises during business hours, call your department to arrange for a sign to be posted on the classroom door.
  • Call Security at 646-660-6000 so they can post a sign on the classroom door if it is impossible to reach the department office or if the need arises for a Saturday or Sunday class.