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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

About the Handbook

This page last updated on 2/26/10

The Baruch College Faculty Handbook will always be a work-in-progress. The web-based version will be expanded, corrected, and updated as new information becomes available. Each "page" will include the date of the most recent revision. Those who print the handbook should periodically check the web site for revisions to the version they have printed. The best way to print the handbook is to use the PDF version. That version, however, will be updated less often than the web-based version. The most recent PDF version is dated February 2010. A virtue of the PDF version is that one can do a "word search" of any text contained in the Handbook.

Please note that printed versions of the handbook will print only the text of the handbook, not linked pages, which must be printed directly from the relevant link.

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Corrections and suggestions should be forwarded to Associate Provost Dennis Slavin at

The original funding for the Baruch College Faculty Handbook was provided in part by the Joseph Drown Foundation.