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After serving for 13 1/2 years as Baruch College's Geospatial Data Librarian, it is time for me to say goodbye. My last day at the College will be Jan 31, 2021. We have accomplished so much great work in the lab and have helped thousands of people meet their research goals through our services and data resources. It has been a pleasure to serve the intrepid students and dedicated faculty and staff at Baruch College and throughout CUNY, as well as the citizens of New York and people from around the world who were able to use our resources to good effect.

The GIS Lab is still closed due to COVID-19, and is vacant not only physically but also virtually with my departure. The Newman Library will be working to fill this position, but it could take some time. In the interim, feel free to contact a member of the library's Data Services Group for assistance with your data needs.

On Feb 1, 2021, I will become the new GIS and Data Librarian at Brown University Libraries. If you're looking for me, you can reach me there.

Best wishes,

Frank Donnelly

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