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I just posted a revised version of the GIS Practicum manual, updated for the latest Long Term Release for QGIS, 3.10 A Coruna. There aren't any earth shattering changes between this version and the previous LTR (3.4 Madeira) as far as the basics go, but I've captured the small changes that might throw off novices. Examples of this include generic layer names like 'Clipped' and 'Buffer' that were applied to any output files of geoprocessing operations (practice discontinued in 3.10) and the replacement of the term 'quantiles' (used in every previous version of QGIS) with 'equal counts' (new in 3.10). I also took the opportunity to condense some of the material, in particular the coordinate transformation exercises in chapter 4 which I've reduced from two sections to one. I found that this was overkill for the in-person workshops. I also swapped out some data files with more recent ones, and of course updated any broken links I could find.

For the moment I'm keeping the old version of the manual for 3.4 up, alongside the new version for 3.10. Since we're in the middle of the semester I thought other people may still be using it. The 3.4 manual will come down towards the end of May 2020.

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