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It's been a while, but we've finally released the latest version of the NYC Geodatabase! The database contains a number of updates:

  • New data tables for PUMAs, ZCTAs, and census tracts from the 2014-2018 ACS (replacing the 2013-2017 iteration).
  • New data tables for ZCTAs from the 2017 ZIP Code Business Patterns (replacing 2016 iteration). Because of new Census Bureau privacy rules, the number of establishments is suppressed for any place and any industrial sector that has less than 3 business establishments; we've added a new column to our industry table that counts the number of suppressed businesses (by comparing the sum of industries to the published total and taking the difference).
  • New subway station, complex, and ridership data for 2018 from the MTA. There is one less subway complex in 2018, do to the construction of a passageway that connects the Cortlandt St RW (formerly complex mn092) to Chambers St / WTC / Park Place ACE23 (complex mn088). Complex mn092 was dropped from the dataset as Cortland St RW is now part of mn088, and all the ridership data for this station was retroactively added to the new, larger complex. The notes table on subway closures has also been updated.
  • New PATH station ridership for 2018. For the first time, the NYC geodatabase database includes all the PATH stations in the system, not just the ones in NYC.
  • Updated facilities layers for 2019 for colleges, libraries, hospitals, and schools. Unfortunately enrollment data for the schools is no longer published in the facilities database.

As always, we're providing two formats: a SQLite / Spatialite version that's intended for QGIS users, and an MS Access personal geodatabase intended for ArcGIS users. We've updated the data dictionary document, but haven't gotten around to producing new spatial metadata files yet. We'll get those posted in the next month or so.

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