Are you looking for population tables and boundary files for PUMAs, ZCTAs, and census tracts? Use the NYC Geodatabase.

This page contains lists, crosswalks, and maps for relating PUMAs, ZCTAs, and other types of geography in NYC.

  • PUMA: Public Use Microdata Area. A US Census statistical area, created by aggregating census tracts. PUMAs are designed to have 100k residents. The City of New York correlates them with Community Districts.
  • ZCTA: ZIP Code Tabulation Area. A US Census statistical area designed to approximate areal USPS ZIP Codes. They are aggregations of census blocks where a majority of addresses have the same ZIP Code.
  • ZIP Code: Zone Improvement Plan. These are postal codes created by the US Postal Service. Codes are assigned to street segments, large institutions, and clusters of PO boxes.
  • Census tract: A US census statistical area designed to have an ideal size of 4,000 residents, with a range of 1200 to 8000 residents.
  • NTA: Neighborhood Tabulation Area. Statistical areas created by the New York City Department of City Planning for representing US census data for neighborhood-like areas. They are aggregations of census tracts.
Jan 2010NYC PUMAs and NeighborhoodsA list of all 2010 PUMAs in the city: PUMA numbers, official names (based on community districts) and unofficial sub-borough names
Dec 2013Maps of NYC 2010 PUMAsPDF file with 2010 PUMA maps for each borough, with names and community district numbers
May 2014NYC 2010 PUMA to ZCTA CrosswalkAn Excel spreadsheet that apportions ZCTAs to PUMAs
May 2014Documentation for PUMA to ZCTA CrosswalkREADME file with description and methodology for creating the crosswalk
May 2014Map of NYC 2010 PUMAs to ZCTAsPDF file of a map depicting correlation (or lack thereof) between ZCTAs and PUMAs
Mar 2017Map of NYC ZIP CodesPDF file of a map depicting residential USPS ZIP Codes
July 2017NYC ZIP Code to ZCTA CrosswalkAn Excel file that correlates ZIP Codes to 2010 ZCTAs, so that non-residential ZIPs are assigned to ZCTAs
 NYC neighborhoods and ZIP CodesA New York State Dept of Health webpage that correlates neighborhood names with ZIP Codes
 NYC City Planning GeographiesA City website with maps and crosswalks that illustrate the relationships between PUMAs, Community Districts, Neighborhood Tabulation Areas, and census tracts
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