The NYC Geodatabase comes in two formats: a Spatialite geodatabase built on SQLite that can be used in open source software like QGIS and the Spatialite GUI, and a personal geodatabase built on MS Access that can be used in ArcGIS. The contents of the databases are identical and all features share a common coordinate system: NAD 83 NY State Plane Long Island (feet). The databases are updated bi-annually.

The following objects for the five boroughs of NYC are included in the database:

Point features from the NYC Dept of City Planning

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools

Transit point features from MTA / PANYNJ

  • PATH Stations (with ridership data)
  • Subway Complexes (with ridership data)
  • Subway Stations
  • Train Stations (LIRR and Metro North)

Features from the US Census TIGER files

  • Boroughs
  • Counties (entire metro area)
  • Large Public Facilities
  • Major Greenspace Areas (parks, cemeteries)
  • Roads
  • Major Lakes
  • Coastal Water (entire metro area)

Statistical areas from the US Census TIGER files

  • Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs)
  • Census Tracts (includes NTA codes)
  • Population Centroids for Census Tracts
  • ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)

Demographic data from the US Census

  • 2010 Census Demographic Profile
  • 5-year American Community Survey data (updated annually)
  • ZIP Code Business Patterns data (updated annually)

The databases can be accessed with:

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