The goals of the library's geospatial program are to:

  • promote interdisciplinary geospatial education at the college (educational mission)
  • provide geospatial and demographic resources to Baruch, CUNY, and the wider community (data and resources mission)
  • promote Baruch College as a member of the greater geospatial community (scholarship mission)

Educational programs (for current students, faculty, and staff of Baruch College and CUNY)

  1. Research consultations for census / demographic data and GIS (by appointment)
  2. The GIS Practicum: day-long introductory GIS workshops using QGIS
  3. Research guides for GIS, Census data, NYC data, and demography
  4. In-class lectures related to demographic data and mapping (by request from faculty)

Data programs

  1. Data processing assistance, including address geocoding (for Baruch and CUNY affiliates only)
  2. Maintenance of Baruch's spatial data repository
  3. Creation of value-added data resources
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