This page provides a summary of public, freely available GIS repositories. Clicking on one of these links will take you out of the Baruch Geoportal and onto one of these sites.


Natural EarthHigh quality global features that are generalized at several scales; good for digital cartography.
GADMSpatial database of the world's administrative areas or boundaries (countries, states, provinces, etc)
gDataProject at UC Berkeley that provides boundary files and imagery for every country in the world, tied to the DIVA GIS project
UN Environment Programme - GEO Data PortalClick "Advanced Search," select "Geospatial Data Sets" under the 1st drop down box, and hit the red "Search" button for a list of global or continental GIS files
USGS Global Visualization ViewerUS federal agency that provides LANDSAT data (global satellite imagery) for the world

United States

Census TIGER ShapefilesTIGER Line files for legal and statistical areas in shapefile format, updated annually
US Census Cartographic Boundary FilesGeneralized extracts of the bureau's TIGER Line files for several administrative, legal, and census areas in the US
National Historical Geographic Information SystemHistorical census boundaries and data for the US from 1790 to present. New users must register, but there is no cost and downloads are free
National Land Cover DatabaseLand use and land cover data for the entire US
USGS National Map ViewerDownload imagery, elevation data, land cover, and some boundary files via the USGS' web mapping interface
PRISM Climate GroupDaily, monthly, and annual climate rasters with temperature and precipitation data for the US
Libre Map ProjectHistoric topographic maps (DRGs) for the entire US

New York State and New York City

CUGIRCornell University's Geospatial Information Repository, with data for NY State, counties, and local areas
NYS GIS ClearinghouseState government depository that compiles GIS data produced at the state, county, and local levels for New York State. Includes ortho imagery / air photos.
BYTES of the BIG APPLEThe NYC Department of City Planning's page has administrative and political boundaries, streets, transportation networks, shorelines, and tax parcels
NYC Open DataThis site culls together attribute and GIS data from several NYC departments and agencies

Meta Sites (Global, National, and Local data)

OpenGeoportalCommunity of geospatial professionals that share data and metadata from several repositories through a common, open source interface
GeolodeA catalog of open geodata websites around the world, maintained by geospatial librarians
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