Datasets on this page are copyrighted for use by current Baruch students, faculty, and staff for non-profit, educational, and research purposes. Commercial use and redistribution of the data is prohibited. These datasets cannot be distributed publicly over the Internet; current members of Baruch College should use their Baruch email address and contact the geospatial data librarian to access restricted datasets. If you are NOT affiliated with Baruch College CUNY you may NOT request access.

Datasets on this page were created by ML Infomap and represent city municipal limits and ward boundaries, which are subdivisions of cities. Population attributes from the 2011 Census are included for each ward. The files were produced in Feb 2017 but represent boundaries and data for 2011. All files are projected in WGS 84. If you use this data, you must cite ML Infomap as the source.

Thanks go to to the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research for obtaining this data for the college.

City Municipal Wards

List of variables (MS Excel) - Sample is for Surat but attributes are the same for all cities.

NameFeaturesFile TypeYearFilename
Bangalore polygonshapefile2011BANGALORE.ZIP
Bhopal polygonshapefile2011BHOPAL.ZIP
Chennai polygonshapefile2011CHENNAI.ZIP
Delhi polygonshapefile2011DELHI.ZIP
Greater Mumbai polygonshapefile2011GREATER_MUMBAI.ZIP
Hyderabad polygonshapefile2011HYDERABAD.ZIP
Indore polygonshapefile2011INDORE.ZIP
Kolkata polygonshapefile2011KOLKATA.ZIP
Meerut polygonshapefile2011MEERUT.ZIP
Pune polygonshapefile2011PUNE.ZIP
Surat polygonshapefile2011SURAT.ZIP
Municipal Wards for Surat
Sample Map - Municipal Wards (in green) for Surat, India
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