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We're a little behind in releasing updates for our datasets, since I was away last academic year and we're still in the process of getting the lab back in shape. We recently completed a few updates:

  • NYC Geocoded Real Estate Sales: we've added sales for 2017. There's a shapefile with all 2017 sales, and an updated Spatialite database that contains sales for all years from 2003 to 2017.
  • NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers: we've updated the ridership statistics to include data for 2017 for the NYC subway and the PATH train. The data is published in spreadsheet format.

Updates for the future? We're aiming to release a new version of our NYC mass transit layers (points and lines for buses and trains) for the month of November before this semester is over. The next version of the NYC Geodatabase will be the January 2019 iteration, which will include not just the usual ACS updates but all the updates we missed this summer (schools, hospitals, libraries, subway stations and ridership, and ZBP data). Stay tuned!


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