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Communications and Marketing (OCMPA)

College-wide Working Groups

The Office of Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs (OCMPA) hosts several College-wide working groups to foster collaboration, maximize resources, and share best practices in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and storytelling.

Social Media

Composed of social media managers from across Baruch’s schools and units, this group convenes four to five times a year to exchange ideas, build knowledge, and monitor developments in the evolving digital landscape. Working group meetings provide a forum for sharing strategies to enhance the College’s visibility on social channels and to build online engagement with the institution’s multiple stakeholder groups. For information or to join the group, please contact Cheryl de Jong-Lambert, director of communications.

Integrated Marketing and Communications

The goal of this working group is to enhance integration and collaboration on marketing and communications strategies for the benefit of the institution. The group includes representatives from various school- and unit-specific teams and focuses on:

  • Strategies to enhance brand development and recruitment marketing
  • Opportunities to cross-promote messages and content
  • Institutional standards/protocols for working with agencies and vendors
  • Sharing of central marketing resources

For information, contact Leanna Yip, executive director, marketing and communications.

Multimedia Production

The multimedia production working group cultivates a collaborative environment for multimedia creation and storytelling across Baruch. It mobilizes multimedia production, rights management, distribution, asset sharing, and new content development to create impactful Baruch stories that supplement marketing efforts and recruitment needs. The group meets regularly to discuss multimedia projects in various stages of development, outline projects in the pipeline, and maximize distribution networks. Group participants also help one another with story development and share best practices in multimedia content creation. For information, contact Nicholas Caccese, multimedia production manager.