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Baruch College Fund (BCF) Scholarship Program

The Baruch College Fund (BCF) offers a number of privately endowed or restricted scholarship funds administered by the Office of Financial Aid. BCF Scholarships are funded by generous gifts from alumni, friends, corporations and nonprofit foundations. The BCF distributes over $1 million in scholarships to more than 350 students each year. These scholarships are designed to reward, encourage, and assist the student in pursuing academic excellence and leadership roles.

All students are considered for BCF Scholarships, although academic excellence is an important factor. Students must have earned at least 24 credits at Baruch College in order to qualify.

BCF scholarships are awarded to students who have shown a high level of academic performance. Scholarships are also awarded based on financial need, and some are based on specific criteria such as high school attended, special skills or abilities. Academics, financial need, leadership positions, campus or community activities, and work experience are all taken into account during the selection process for the scholarship recipient. To be eligible for these scholarships you must complete the online scholarship application, providing us with additional information about yourself. To increase your chances of receiving a scholarship, we encourage ALL students to fill out the online scholarship application.

External Scholarship Opportunities

You may be eligible for a specific scholarship or grant from an outside organization. Some sources to explore are employers, unions, professional organizations, community and special interest groups. Usually these are one-time awards given to high school graduates who have received them on the basis of academic achievement, though some have other criteria and some are renewable. If you are receiving outside scholarships in addition to federal sources of aid, you are required (by federal law) to report these scholarships to the Office of Financial Aid.

External Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowships enable individuals to pursue study in their fields or to introduce them to related fields. Although not consistently defined, some sponsors place their emphasis on contribution to the individual’s own scholarly development. A fellowship often advances, synthesizes, or enlarges the applicant’s special area of interest. Or, it may enable the recipient to study in a different area which will extend his or her competence.

Fellowships are similar to scholarships that you may have received as an undergraduate; with the exception that, unlike undergraduate scholarships, the majority of graduate students receive fellowship support at various times during their graduate student career. Fellowships are awards or grants that you do not have to pay back and are intended to attract highly qualified students to graduate programs. These fellowships typically provide payment of College fees, tuition, and/or a stipend for living expenses.

A number of external agencies, foundations, or other entities offer external fellowships or grants that are offered to an individual student by an external organization or agency for study at the College the student attends. These fellowships are awards or grants that the student does not have to pay back. Continuing and entering graduate students at Baruch are strongly encouraged to individually apply to these fellowship programs. Most external fellowships or grants are based on academic merit, although there may be some fellowship awards that are intended for certain people like children of veterans, people studying in a certain field of study, students with financial need, etc. 


Over 100 awards have been established by alumni and friends of the College and various school departments to recognize graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement or have contributed significantly to student life in some way.