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Health Services


Books, pamphlets and brochures covering a wide range of relevant health topics are available at the Health Care Center. Students may take these materials (books remain on premises) and/or read them at the Center in the Health Library room.

We also have a rack stocked with pamphlets on the second floor lobby of the Newman Vertical Campus.



P.A.W.S. Corner, Vol. 1, Issue 1 - Breakfast on the Go (PDF)



We also occasionally publish health-related articles in Baruch's student newspaper The Ticker:

The 101 on health insurance
By: Taheera Tim Kee
At least a few times a week I get calls from students asking about the health insurance options available at Baruch - the seemingly most elusive health issue for students. Many have recently become too old to qualify for coverage under their parents. Others have recently changed jobs and lost their benefits. Read more...
Self-test could save lives
By: Taheera Tim Kee
Some of us may blush while reading this article or even hesitate to bring up the topic among friends. However, it is integral that more young women learn about breast health since we all have a pair. The importance of this article became more evident when, in having a discussion with one of my friends, she revealed that she had lumps in her breasts. Read more...
Sex with your Valentine
By: Taheera Tm Kee
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and among the chocolates and the flowers and the paper hearts, all inscribed with endearing words, there will also undoubtedly be a lot more "love making" happening than usual. Given this fact, National Condom Awareness Week, which has been recognized by the American Social Health Association, occurs annually around Valentine's Day. Read more...
Feeling SAD is hormonal
By: Taheera Tim Kee
Unusually fatigued? Grumpy? Listless? Craving sweets? Lacking motivation to do simple tasks? Do these symptoms persist and become increasingly exacerbated in the winter months? If so, then you may have a case of SAD. Not sad as in melancholy, but SAD as in Seasonal Affective Disorder. Read more...
Stop seeing pink
By: Taheera Tim Kee
Pink Eye is an illness which has long been associated with children because of their close contact with each other as well as their penchant for touching everything in their environment. Imagine my surprise when I found myself afflicted with pink eye, even as I type this! Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, refers to an infection in the eye that manifests itself as an inflammation of the conjunctiva membrane of the eye. Read more...
Superbug alert
By: Taheera Tim Kee
A deadly superbug has recently been featured in the news, demonized for its resistance to treatment and unwanted presence on college and high school campuses. This superbug is a strain of the common staph bacteria that naturally exists in the environment as well as our bodies and is referred to as MRSA - an acronym for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Read more...