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Create your transfer student success story by getting involved in the following:

Transfer Student Welcome; Thursday, January 26th, 12:00-5:00pm

  • Meet the Transfer Student Organization (TSO) & Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
  • Get involved! Over 30+ clubs in attendance
  • Ask questions from Student Services offices including the STARR Career Development Center
  • Take a campus tour

SWAG SWAP! Swap out gear from your previous college in exchange for FREE Baruch College swag!

RSVP here:

Transfer Seminar

Join an eight week experience that will help you adjust to life at Baruch and gain an academic and social advantage.

By participating you will:

  • Immediately network with Baruch students
  • Discover vital resources for success at Baruch College
  • Gain early access to staff at the STARR Career Development Center
  • Develop skills to help you navigate Baruch’s classroom environment
  • Grow leadership potential during off-campus programs

BONUS! Get priority advisement from the Center for Academic Advisement.

The class will be taught by two highly-trained Peer Mentors. With about 20 students in the classroom, you will have the opportunity to develop deep, meaningful connections within the Baruch College community.

Interested? Register for TRA2000 during your advisement session.
This is a FREE, zero-credit course.

Transfer Student Organization
The Transfer Student Organization (TSO) was created to help transfer students make the best out of their experience at Baruch College. TSO strives to be renowned as the “Bridge to Baruch”. This organization dedicates its efforts to students by contributing to their professional, social, and academic success.
Visit TSO’s Website: and Facebook:

Leadership Opportunities at Baruch
College students are often asked to consider the question, “What is leadership?” At Baruch College, we believe that every student should be given the opportunity to construct their own interpretation of leadership and subsequently have access to the resources that will help accentuate these self-tailored skills and behaviors.

To positively enhance your leadership potential and to make your overall student experience at Baruch College an enriching and meaningful one, check out Student Leadership Opportunities and T.E.A.M. Baruch to see what’s available to you.