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Transfer Seminar is a ten week experience that will help transfer students adjust to life at Baruch. Students will have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with their instructors and peers, become acquainted with Baruch's resources, and engage in small class discussions about community and current hot topics.

By participating you will:

  • Immediately network with Baruch students
  • Get to know Baruch’s resources
  • Gain early access to staff members in the STARR Career Development Center
  • Meet with academic advisors to chart your course at Baruch
  • Develop tools to navigate Baruch’s classroom environment
  • Engage in small group discussions about community issues and current hot topics

The class will be led by two instructors and will have around 20 students, providing you with the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with your instructors and peers. Your instructors will provide advice and perspective on how to transition successfully to Baruch.


Career and Academic Support

During the seminar, you will meet with staff from the Center for Academic Advisement, who will provide guidance on your transfer credits and academic requirements at Baruch, to help you complete your degree on your established timeline. You will also meet with staff from the STARR Career Development Center who will provide advice on securing internships and jobs to provide a foundation for your career.

Academic Integrity Simulation

Do you know what Baruch’s expectations of academic honesty are or how to avoid being accused of cheating or plagiarism? This engaging session will provide an opportunity to discuss real events that have occured at Baruch and learn about Baruch’s policies and student conduct process.

Baruch Spotlights

Throughout the course, you will learn about the many resources and opportunitites provided by Baruch to engage in life outside of the classroom. These short presentations will feature places and people at Baruch involved in student leadership, clubs and organizations, tutoring, library and technology resources, and much more.

Citizen Solution Guides and Discussion

Your course instructors will faciliate discussions on topics central to current events like the enconomy and immigration. In these sessions, you will become more aware of these hot topics and develop the ability to share your opinions and engage with others on controversial issues.

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