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Academic Advisement

FALL 2013


Course Content
The course was well organized. 4.66
The instructor communicated course objectives and learning goals. 4.66
Assignments contributed to meeting the course objectives and learning goals. 4.73
Course requirements were clearly stated and followed. 4.66
Required materials and books were helpful. 4.73
Course Delivery
The instructor came to class well prepared. 4.79
The instructor communicated course content clearly. 4.73
The instructor taught in a way that helped me learn the subject matter. 4.66
The instructor provided helpful feedback. 4.66
The instructor returned assignments and examinations in a timely manner. 4.73
The instructor was available outside of class (office hours, email, etc.). 4.46
Learning Environment
The instructor established a class environment that fostered learning. 4.73
The instructor treated students and their contributions with respect. 4.66
The instructor generated enthusiasm for learning the subject matter. 4.73
The instructor clearly explained the grading system. 4.73
Course's Impact on You
The course improved my oral communication skills. 4.50
The course improved my written communication skills. 4.54
The course challenged me intellectually. 4.42

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