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Undergraduate Student Government,

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the official representative organization of both the day and evening undergraduate students.


Connor LevensConnor Levens
As a commuter student who had to endure a five (5) hour commute between Long Island and the Flatiron District (and afterward go to work back on Long Island), I can say that I’ve struggled to find a way to get my homework done, study, have a social life, and earn a paycheck since enrolling at Baruch as a freshman. Fortunately, things changed for me last year when I had the opportunity to serve as current USG President Farhana Hassan’s Chief of Staff. Under her guidance, I was able to serve this college in ways I once didn’t know I could. I’ve help manage events for the College to raise funds for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, I’ve advocated for students to administration to be sure portions of our tuition are spent properly and efficiently, and I’ve given students guidance that many of us need when we come to Baruch, such as learning about where departmental offices are and where to get a cheap meal.

This experience has been nothing more than both thrilling and pleasing to both me and the people who I’ve worked with. If elected, I plan to continue to do exactly as I’ve done now and to exceed both Baruch’s potential and student potential to new heights by addressing greater needs with our facilities, academics, and professional development. It is to my utmost pleasure to declare my candidacy as President for Undergraduate Student Government with NextGen Baruch.
Executive Vice President
Michael HarrisMichael Harris
Student government plays an essential role on any college campus. As the Vice President of Legislative Affairs with the Undergraduate Student Government this year, I have seen my team go above and beyond that essential role at Baruch College. We have made Baruch a better place and given students a greater voice in how their campus is shaped. I want to build on these accomplishments next year with the next generation of Baruch College students and student leaders. Holding any position in the Undergraduate Student Government is a special honor and privilege. As Executive Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Government, I would not let the extraordinary opportunity go to waste.
Jane HaJane Ha
I started off as a bursar for the treasurer of 2013 -2014, which was my first step into the world of the Undergraduate Student Government. When I first started working as a bursar, the idea of running for USG treasure never came into my mind until now. While working for the current treasurer, I learned many new things, and experienced what and how important the undergraduate student government representatives are. I realized that the USG members all have a tremendous impact on the student body, which soon made me realize that I enjoyed working with a team that will make an impact on Baruch. Therefore, with my knowledge as a bursar, I believed I would make a perfect treasurer.
Veronica GavryushenkoVeronica Gavryushenko
My name is Veronica Gavryushenko and I’m proud to be running for the position of Secretary. As an involved club officer in student life, I wish to run because I love being involved with student activities, and feel that the Undergraduate Student Government is a place where I can make a positive difference. My experience as secretary at Hillel has taught me interpersonal, technical and team-buildings skills that I would apply in making the college experience valuable for every student. As secretary, I hope to maintain organization within USG, and act as a means of communication between the E-board, Senate, Boards and Administration.
Vice Presidential Senators
Samuel Rubinstein Samuel Rubinstein (Academic Affairs)
My name is Samuel Rubinstein and I am running for Vice President of Academic Affairs with NextGen Baruch. As the name implies, we are the next generation of leaders and student advocates! Over the course of the year, I have had the chance to interact with students in clubs such as Model UN and work with Michael Harris on the Legislative Affairs Committee. As a result, I was able to hear about the academic concerns of students within and outside of USG. It pleases me to see that we have so many clubs on campus and we believe that we should incorporate academic resources with clubs to better emphasize school services. As Vice President of Academic Affairs, one of my goals would be to work with the administration and the student body to block the introduction of the “2-peat” Baruch policy. Just because of a small group of students, this rule will have a detrimental effect on all of Baruch and can restrict students’ chances at a college degree. That is not the principles on which Baruch was built upon and I know that with my skills and experience, I will fight to make the most of everyone’s academic careers.
Nardine SalamaNardine Salama (Campus Affairs)
My name is Nardine Salama and I am going to be a sophomore in the Fall Semester of 2014. I am looking to run with NextGen Baruch for the 2014 Undergraduate Student Elections (USG) for the position of Vice President of Campus Affairs. I am currently a Representative Senator with USG, an active member of ALPFA and an Orientation Leader under Team Baruch. I am hard working, dynamic, innovative, adaptable, compassionate and most of all, I love Baruch. I am confidently ready and unbelievably excited to take on the responsibilities of all campus affairs; from taking care of all the facilities to throwing the biggest and hottest parties of the year, the Bearcats of Baruch should get ready to roar. With my positivity, leadership experience and my incredibly qualified team of smart, charismatic student leaders, the best is yet to come.
Abraham AlbarracinAbraham Albarracin (Legislative Affairs)
My name is Abraham Albarracin and I am excited to say that I am running for Vice President of Legislative Affairs of the Undergraduate Student Government. Advocacy and civic engagement are two essential tools in giving back to our community. I plan to use these tools to execute the office Legislative Affairs because I am passionate about the issues that effect the students of the college. I plan to lobby with other students our legislative officials, to further fund our facilities, academia and academic service. I have been an active member in the Undergraduate student government, and an advocate in the Malave Leadership Program, a program that allows student leaders across CUNY to advocate on CUNY priorities. I will use these experiences to educate and lead others, because unity breaks open barriers in any community.
Gabriella VishnevskayaGabriella Vishnevskaya (Student Services)
My name is Gabriella Vishnevskaya and I am incredibly happy to announce my candidacy for Vice President of Student Services. When I entered Baruch, I knew I needed to be involved in club life. My freshman year at Baruch, I took the time to get adjusted to my course load and to Baruch in general. That April, I applied to be part of the Executive Board of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. Once I became President of Phi Eta Sigma in my junior year, I began to lead a group of people that was all about helping students make the most of their college experiences and I fell in love with all of the people I met. I’ve made so many new friends and legitimately have to make myself go home sometimes instead of hanging around on campus. Because of this, I wanted to run for Vice President of Student Services. I want to show those students who are not involved in Baruch life what they’re missing out on and get them involved and having fun and that’s exactly what I feel this position entails. My passion and experience, I feel, makes me a perfect candidate for this position.
Representative Senators
Benjamin ChathamBenjamin Chatham
Hello! My name is Benjamin (Ben) Chatham, and I am running for the position of Representative Senator this spring with the NextGen Baruch platform. Since the first day I came to Baruch, I have sought to sculpt my experience into something positive and memorable. In my first semester of freshman year, I painstakingly founded the Ultimate Frisbee Club to help build a tight-knit community where students could step away from the hectic, chaotic campus of Baruch. Additionally, I have sought involvement with a number of clubs on campus, including Phi Eta Sigma and the Model United Nations. I have found a home for myself here at Baruch. That is something that I know, after speaking with classmates and friends, is not yet universal. Running for representative senator gives me the opportunity and the privilege to help students find a home at Baruch through academic, social, and professional opportunities. Many students need some help in finding their comfortable niche. It is so easy for a new student to get overwhelmed by the myriad of events and possibilities at Baruch. With NextGen Baruch, I want to be able to extend a hand to the students and make Baruch a place that helps them in their endeavors and initiatives. If elected, I will strive to make Baruch a better place for the next generation of Bearcats.
Kevin Damri Kevin Damri
Hello my name is Kevin Damri, I am currently an upper sophomore and am running for Representative Senator. My time at Baruch, thus far, has been eyes opening and life changing, as a member of TEAM Baruch I’ve been able to assist many students, and encourage them to indulge in the community and culture of Baruch. My main goal for USG in the coming year is to have it connect with/touch the lives of the majority of Baruch Students because all students pay the Student Activities Fee, not just the two to three thousand involved in club life. My goals as a Representative Senator are to enrich and expand the community of the college, by making a more transparent and available USG; and to exceed the expectations students and faculty have for USG, by using student feedback to direct our projects and creating events that unify Baruch students of all majors. As a Baruch student I am part of the Baruch community, I have heard from many students that they do not know what USG is, my platform will forge a more proactive USG that will help make a college experience for all Baruch students.
Daniel DornbaumDaniel Dornbaum
It is with great pleasure that I declare my candidacy as Representative Senator under the platform “Next Generation Baruch”. As a freshman serving on the Health Advisory Board, I have seen first hand the incredible feats the undergraduate student government can achieve. But there is always room for improvement. As a representative senator, I will have the opportunity to not only complete all unfinished projects by the current administration but also initiate my own. But of course, I can’t do it all on my own. This is where “Next Generation Baruch” comes in. As a team, we have the potential to accomplish every goal we set out to achieve. Each member plays an intricate part in the advancement of the undergraduate student life.
Christopher Eubanks Christopher Eubanks
Hello Baruch undergraduate, My name is Christopher Eubanks and I am for Student Government as a Representative Senator with Next Gen Baruch. Next Gen Baruch is composed of individuals who have a vast amount of experience in clubs life through various organizations, which include leaders of professional organizations, members of honor societies, and representatives from the current USG team. I am serving as a representative senator for this year and had the opportunity to hold events, meet with faculty, and work on project the benefited Baruch’s undergrad population. As a party, Next Gen Baruch would like to continue our efforts in helping students explore opportunities academically, socially, and professionally. Our goal is to exceed students’ expectations on what they believe their college experience should be. Thank you for your time and hope to meet as many of you.
Ana Belen Gomez Flor Ana Belen Gomez Flor
My name is Ana Belen Gomez Flor. I am currently a Junior majoring in International Marketing and minoring in Japanese. For my last year at Baruch, being heavily involved in club life since I was a Freshmen, running last year and being part of the current Undergraduate Student Government, I would like to continue to give back to the Baruch community and support students as a representative senator.
Steven HuangSteven Huang
Hi everyone! My name is Steven Huang I am excited to announce my candidacy to be a representative senator for Baruch College. As the current Vice-Chair of Legislative Affairs, and as a junior majoring in Public Affairs, I am passionate about making an impact both inside and outside the school. This year, I had the pleasure to work with several clubs in Baruch to raise awareness of issues that not only affect CUNY students, but all New Yorkers. I am running with NextGen Baruch because I feel that we can make a huge difference in the school and I think we can a lot for the students. If elected as senator, I will continue to be an advocate for student interests and push for more events that are catered to the various interests of the student body. I want to help build relationships among student leaders so that we can plan more events, and I want to bridge the divide that separates students in the three schools. Being a part of USG has given me so much and helped me grow as a leader; before I graduate, I want to give back more than what USG has given me.
Mueed KumandanMueed Kumandan
Vivian Lau Vivian Lau
My name is Vivian Lau and it is with great pleasure and utmost excitement that I announce my candidacy for Representative Senator with NextGen Baruch. As Representative Senator, I hope to increase the engagement of Baruch students on campus. My two years at Baruch would not have been the same without the relationships and friendships I’ve developed by working with my fellow students, club leaders, alumni, and faculty members. I hope to work alongside USG and club leaders to foster these relationships to create a better collegiate experience for all. I’d like to change Baruch’ s commuter school perception and highlight the vast professional, social, and educational opportunities available to students. By running for Representative Senator, I plan to serve the student community and work towards Baruch’s betterment. I am proud to work alongside NextGen Baruch, a group of students committed to creating a fun, fostering, and welcoming environment for all Baruch students.
Jeremiah Mallari Jeremiah Mallari
My name is Jeremiah Mallari and I am running as a Representative Senator under Next Gen Baruch. I believe Next Gen Baruch can provide the best representation of the Baruch community, as well as serve the diverse student body the best way possible. As Representative Senator, I am looking to hear and share the voice of Baruch students, and also work closely with Administration and Student Life. Baruch College has a strong, intelligent population and I want to serve the community to the best of my abilities. Under Next Gen Baruch, I am looking to Explore, Experience and Exceed all of the great opportunities that are presented.
Nicholas NehaulNicholas Nehaul
I firmly believe that Baruch’s best days are ahead of us and I want to be part of the team that will make a lasting impact for the next generation. I come from an organization that believes in developing communities that reach beyond clubroom walls. With this mindset, I want to see Baruch revived with a culture that embraces interaction, school spirit, and progress. Hence, I am running as a senator for the chair of appeals with NextGen Baruch so that we can appropriate our resources in a way that will ripple beyond our generation.
Jamie PalmerJamie Palmer
I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I moved here three years ago and I started my journey at Baruch. I was shy and hesitant to get involved in school activities. I regret not getting involved earlier because once I did; I discovered I had a passion for leadership. I want to encourage students to feel open to share their personalities and discover their own passion. I want join a strong team of leaders who yearn to positively impact the Baruch experience. I am running to be a part of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) to assist in the building and development of the institution to ensure that students benefit entirely from their experience at Baruch. As the Vice President of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), I have learned the value of finding ones passion, meeting new people and envisioning one’s self as a leader. If each person should embrace their inner leadership qualities, then that would contribute to enormous growth in themselves and the world at large. Being a part of USG will help me to continue this work on a larger scale, making NSLS’ motto a reality – “Building leaders to make a better world”.
Alisa RudyAlisa Rudy
In the past three years at Baruch, I’ve become very involved with student life. This has enabled me to see beyond the “commuter school” label I thought Baruch had at the start of my college career. Being a part of the Undergraduate Student Government at Baruch would mean so much to me, as it would enable me to put all my observations and my ideas on improving student life to use. I believe that a strong student government, with actual students who interact daily in Baruch student life, is the only way to ensure that Baruch becomes the best school it can be. As someone who is currently very involved in Hillel, and as the current president of YOFI (Youth Organization For Israel), and finally as a student who truly feels at home at Baruch, I would love to be a part of the governing student body at Baruch. To be a member of the Student Government would mean that my years of involvement will culminate in lasting actions to perpetuate the “family” that is Baruch. Hopefully, with mine and my colleagues’ election, we will be able to achieve that goal.
Nora M. SalamaNora M. Salama
Hello, my name is Nora Salama and it is with great pride and pleasure that I declare myself a candidate running for Representative Senator with NextGen Baruch. I am a freshman that is looking to have an impact on the student body. Undergrad Student Government gives me the ability to voice the opinions of the exceptional students at this school and find out what changes they want most. Vice President Daniel E. Shafiq, the Campus Affairs committee, and I worked to discuss ideas for upcoming events that help establish a more beneficial environment for Baruch's community. Being an active member of a variety of clubs and organizations enables me to develop a firm understanding of a very diverse student population. I am very enthusiastic about this election process. If elected, I would take this opportunity to foresee an overall better experience for my fellow schoolmates and be the voice to those who aren't able to give their opinions. I want to take the responsibility of exceeding expectations and tackling obstacles in order to satisfy each and every individual that walks through those turnstiles. I wish to create a friendly environment for all students who find Baruch to be their second home.
University Student Senate Delegate
Donavan BoringtonDonavan Borington 
I’m seeking the office of University Student Senate Representative of Baruch College because I have the skills and experience that gives me the ability to make changes that will enhance the student experience. Throughout my experience in CUNY I have been able to achieve wonderful things that have helped students such as, create scholarships, improve student services and improve facilities to better campus life. If elected I’m committed to working with students, faculty, and administration to improve Baruch and CUNY. With your support I will focus on improving academic advisement, career opportunities and cost of textbooks..
Emelyn Fernandez de Guzman Emelyn Fernandez de Guzman
Hey, my name is Emelyn Fernandez de Guzman and I am happy to announce that I am running for University Student Senate Delegate for the Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College with Next Gen Baruch. A month ago, I attended the black and Puerto Rican legislative caucus conference in Albany, where I realized that Baruch college is very well respected among other senior colleges and that our present in the event was important. People seem to notice our large group and not because of the size of the group but for the prestige of our institution. Also I notice that we are developing stronger and bigger connection with other CUNY colleges that goes beyond academics or extracurricular activities. I intend to keep those relationship growing stronger. Keep co-sponsoring largest events with other CUNY colleges and also to get more student involve in the events. As a representative from one of the most diverse University’s in the country it is important to include all students in our events and activities. I would like to provide a way to express their opinion and let them know that their always an option to overcome those obstacles we sometimes encounter while getting our education.
University Student Senate Alternate Delegate
Michael HarrisMichael Harris
(see above)
Stephany RamalesStephany Ramales
My name is Stephany Ramales and I transferred from LaGuardia Community College, where I earned my Associate's Degree in Business Administration and was involved in Student Government, Auxiliary Board Enterprises, College Association and College Senate. My participation in these activities have helped me gain a wide perspective on issues affecting the student body and the foresight in what we as students can do, to have a better college experience. As a transfer student with experience, I bring a different perspective that can contribute to further the development of Baruch. My outside perspective, in combination with the insight of the Baruch student body, is what your Undergraduate Student Government needs. I am running with the slate NextGen Baruch for the University Student Senate Alternate position. I believe that collaboration with other CUNY campuses will be a key role for a better CUNY and ultimately, a Better Baruch. The intricacies of the issues affecting students as a whole can possibly be seen as overwhelming, or even complex, but we have to remember that we do have the ability to make a difference. I can assure that if elected, I will be the impetus behind that difference.
Athletic Board
Kadejah BaptisteKadejah Baptiste
I have always been an avid advocator for sports and personally I want the sports in this school to continue to be as amazing as they are. I am dependable, honest, and adaptable. I would be an excellent candidate because I will always be punctual and I have a genuine interest in how budgets work. Also I would not slack off on my duties. I greatly hope I am considered for this position.
Dona SansoneDona Sansone
My name is Dona Sansone, and I wish to run for the Undergraduate Student Government as part of the Athletic Board for the "NextGen Baruch" campaign. I am currently a sophomore in my fourth semester at Baruch. As a former student athlete, I care deeply about Baruch’s student life and I believe that expanding its athletic program is the one of the keys to building school spirit. After my experience as a member of the women’s varsity basketball team, and as a member of the Athletic Board for this 2013-2014 school year, I’ve witnessed not only the success of that team, but of the other Baruch teams as well. All of the great successes that our athletes have achieved has helped me realize that it is important for all Baruch students to take part in and be proud of all of our school’s impressive athletic achievements. If I were chosen to work on the Athletics Board, I would work to improve and expand Baruch’s athletic department, so that every Baruch student may be a part of the "Bearcat Nation" that the athletes have worked so hard to build.
Board of Directors - Auxiliary Enterprises Corp.
Ranfy Frias Ranfy Frias
My name is Ranfy Frias and I am junior currently the Chair of Events of the ALPFA Baruch College Chapter. I am running for the Undergraduate Student Government’s Board of Directors: Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation. I believe that with my current position in ALPFA that I have gained valuable leadership skills that I can transfer to the College’s community. Giving back to the community is something that I truly value and with this position, I would like to give back to the student body by assisting their needs in all aspects of the college experience. This includes professional development, creating a great learning environment and an overall invaluable college experience. I feel that the platform that I am running with, “Next Gen Baruch”, is a strong team that aligns our values perfectly and I am very excited to be a part of this team.
Lina GarzonLina Garzon
My name is Lina Garzon and I am currently the Secretary of the ALPFA Baruch College Chapter. I am a Senior, majoring in Corporate Communications. The opportunity of being part of the ALPFA Baruch board has allowed me to interact with many students, and has given me a passion to help those students that don’t really know which path to take when coming to this school for the first time. The position that I am running for in the Undergraduate Student Government is the Auxiliary Board. I will be working with the administration on facilities and contract leases. This position will allow me to improve the services that each student in the school gets. It would also give me an opportunity to work with amazing people, who I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my time being in Baruch. I know that this would be a rewarding experience.
Mohammad JahanMohammad Jahan
Mohammad Jahan is a proud board member of the Baruch College USG running for the 2014-2015 year as an Auxileary Enterpersies Corporation. During his stay here at Baruch, he has helped his fellow USG members pull of events so we all can have a great time! Prior to being a part of the Baruch Community, Jahan was at Hunter College and their USG as a Board Of Directors College Association/Finance Committee over seeing over 300 budgets. He has also has event planning experince that included a fashion show! He wishes to use all of his experiences, fiduciary skills to continue assuring Baruch is an awesome place to thrive socially and academically.
Board of Directors - Baruch College Association, Inc.
Dylan BustilloDylan Bustillo
Abid Majeed Abid Majeed
My name is Abid Majeed, but better known as Shake. I am a senior at Baruch College and also a club leader for the International Student Organization. When I see USG or any important organization that provides assistance and opportunities, I usually want to become a part of it. I have decided to run with USG to provide assistance to students who wants to either become successful in life or has a passion to empower themselves for their future which lies ahead. When I thought before running I realized that there are many things I haven’t done before graduating. I felt that there are many skills that I need to improve with especially at communication. If I have the chance to become a part of USG it could be a step closer of becoming a better person for the future. The position I wanted become in USG, I felt that it could bring me closer to making one of my weaknesses into an opportunity. I always wanted to become a better person for myself and wanted to have integrity to others. Becoming a member on the Board of Directors will encourage myself to become a better club leader and an innovative student.
Annie SourbisAnnie Sourbis
Not too long ago, I chose to attend Baruch College because of its reputation and the opportunities that it provides its students. That being said, I joined the Undergraduate Student Government because of Baruch’s imperfections. I do not spite Baruch College for the things it lacks; rather these projects excite me and are the reasons why I fell in love with the school. I arrived at Baruch last fall and, upon walking into USG’s first meeting of the year, I knew it was where I wanted to be for the next four years. I wanted to be a part of this group of students who care about Baruch and want to make it a better place for its students. Having been a Representative Senator this year, I have learned a great deal of about Baruch and have grown tremendously. I know the power that USG holds and I know the limitations that USG faces, but I also know USG has serious potential. I am running for Board of Directors for NextGen Baruch. I believe as a part of the next generation of leaders I want to ensure that every student's voice is heard and that together we can write a better future for Baruch.
Darius Zhang Darius Zhang
Hi, I am Darius Zhang and am excited to run for the Board of Directors in Baruch's Undergraduate Student Government with NextGen Baruch. I remember my first day, seeing many bright, happy, and some confused faces. It was that first day that led to something greater, where I met many great friends and club leaders. Fast forward to 2014. I hope to give back to this great community. Drawing on my vast experiences in building personal and professional development through organizations such as Alpha Kappa Psi, and programs such as the Executives on Campus' Year-Long Mentoring Program, I will work diligently to ensure the needs of students are fulfilled and their voices heard. As a board member and student representative, I will leverage my experiences, knowledge, and NextGen team to represent you to the best of my ability. Thank you for your support.
Communications Board
Sunny ChenSunny Chen
As a freshman Representative Senator actively working with the Appeals Committee, I understand the importance of listening to clubs, organizations, and working with them to ensure they receive the funds to operate and the respect they deserve. Coming into Baruch as a freshman I didn’t want to become one of the statistics, one of the 17,000 students who go to school from 9AM – 3PM and then back home. I couldn’t sit still, it was important for students to see the various resources we have here on campus. The freshman student body was not represented, our voices were not heard and I saw the opportunity during elections, I had nothing to lose. Every day I think about what we can do to make an impact here at Baruch and how to improve the quality of life. With the experience I have now, I know I can serve and help my fellow Baruch students. My future here at Baruch is staying with USG; since Baruch has given me so much I am indebted to every man and woman to my left and to my right. I’m running for Communications Board, I want to be the bridge that unifies students with their futures.
Franklin Panora Franklin Panora
My name is Franklin Panora and I am running for the Communications Board for Next Gen Baruch. I am the current Vice-President of the Ecuadorian Club and current member of the Marketing Committee of ALPFA Baruch. Being part of two amazing clubs here at Baruch College has helped me grow as a student and more importantly as a person.  I have learned some leadership skills that are valuable to be successful out there in the real world. I am sure, with the help of Next Gen Baruch and by being part of the Communications Board my leadership skills will be enhanced and I will be able to use them to help other students, club leaders, and many others that seek the hunger to be successful.
Kristina SarkissyanKristina Sarkissyan
My name is Kristina Sarkissyan and I running for Communications Board. As a second semester Freshman I would like to explore my opportunities here at Baruch College and solidify my intended major decision. Being involved as a Baruch Admissions Ambassador and a member of the Model United Nations team, I would love to continue communicating with the student body. In addition, I am running for this position to ensure that more Baruch Students immerse themselves into the array of events Baruch has to offer. I am excited to collaborate with a group of diverse and creative individuals to make our goals a reality.
Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee
Christian Carreras Christian Carreras 
(see above)
Seung Hyun (Brian) Jeon Seung Hyun (Brian) Jeon
My name is Seung Hyun (Brian) Jeon. I’m accounting major and will be graduating in 2018. I’m currently Treasurer of International Student Organization and by being part of an organization, I learned so much by working, helping and being involved with so many events and people. I would like to continue to learn and challenge myself by running for USG and give back to the students.
Kevin MettersKevin Metters
Health Advisory Board
Brandon AberionBrandon Aberion
Health is a major factor to success. I believe that a healthy life involves excellent nutrition, consistent exercise, combined with positivity and confidence. Many of my ideas for this upcoming year involve pushing for events and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for all students. I want to represent Baruch students and work with Health & Wellness to promote a healthier environment on campus. Holding this position is a special opportunity and I would not let my work in this capacity go to waste.
Jun Ho Cho Jun Ho Cho
The good, refreshing, and proud feelings that come from working out is something I strongly want to share with my fellow students. Ever since I transferred to Baruch College in 2013, I have always encouraged fellow students to go to the gym, and as a result, some students indeed began to have routine workout habits. They all thank me for motivating and sometimes pushing them to work out. This made me run for the Health Advisory Board. If elected, I will work with health-related clubs such as Absolute Adrenaline and Baruch Barbell Club to implement new fitness programs and events on campus.
Student Building Fund Committee
Maria GarciaMaria Garcia
Mirzomuhsin QodirovMirzomuhsin Qodirov
Shobhit RatanShobhit Ratan
My name is Shobhit Ratan and I am running for a post in the Student Building Committee. I am currently a Freshman and the reason I am running for this post is that it will enable me to learn some more leadership skills, responsibility, and power. Even though, many people might feel that I am a Freshman and may not have the right kind of skill set to run for this position. Currently, I am a VP of Public Relations in Toastmasters Club and VP of Marketing in PSA which proves my leadership and networking skills. Another good quality I have is that I don’t get bogged down by challenges/ obstacles and aim to overcome by giving my best. For example, when I was in 10th grade I took this class called Virtual Enterprise which was primarily for Seniors as we set up a virtual company in the class. At first, people were reluctant to have me in the class as I was the only sophomore and they have more experience than me. However, I didn’t give up and joined the Sales and Marketing team and by the end of the year I won an award for being the “Best Salesman of the Year”.
Student Center Board
Avneet Kaur Avneet Kaur
My name is Avneet Kaur, and I'm currently enrolled as a Sophomore, Class of 2016, at Baruch College. I am running for the position of Student Center Board. I've been involved in Student Life for the past year as President of Bollywood Jalwa and an active member of numerous other clubs and organizations on campus. This position will allow me to contribute more towards the school and the student population, and better everyone's experience as a family at Baruch College.
Richard MaRichard Ma
My name is Richard Ma and I am a candidate for the Student Center Board. As a member of club life at Baruch since last year I understand that is is USG's responsibility to serve the students and make sure that their voices are heard when speaking with the College's administration. As a member of this board, I will be sure to advocate for the student body though the construction of the College's next greatest piece of architecture.
Unaiza Malik Unaiza Malik
Hi my name is Unaiza Malik and I will be a sophomore this fall 2014. I will be running as a candidate for the Student Center Board. As soon as I entered Baruch College for the first time in fall 2013, I knew that I wanted to be a part of Undergraduate Student Government. I started to attend Campus Affairs meetings headed by Daniel Edward. My desire to be a part of USG only deepened as the semester progressed. I want to provide to the students of Baruch College, an insight and voice into the services, opportunities and choices that are offered to them. I want to deepen the students' understanding of what Baruch College has to offer much similar to how I gained a deeper understanding in the first, few months that I was a student here. By strengthening and sustaining a vibrant academic and social environment, I want students of Baruch College to consider this college as more than an institution that not only fosters learning, but creativity, enjoyment and individuality as well.
Student Media Council
Rebecca Clabby Rebecca Clabby
My name is Rebecca Clabby and I’d like to declare my candidacy for student media council. Recently I seem to be at Baruch 7 days a week. This school has become my second home in seven short months. Although I’m only a freshman, I entered college ready to jump into extracurriculars and involve myself in student life. Whether someone is a day, night, or weekend student, I want everyone to feel as I do about Baruch.  My team, NextGen Baruch, and I will strive to better the school for ALL 17,000 students. Although I am already a member of various clubs on campus, I believe that as a member of the Undergraduate Student government (USG) I will have the opportunity to positively influence the school. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to run with NextGen Baruch and I strongly believe in our platform.
Alvin DanielAlvin Daniel
My name is Alvin Daniel; I am a Finance Major and pursuing a Law and Policy Minor. It is with great pleasure that I announce that I will be running as a student representative for the Student Media Council this year. I've been a part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship for my first two years here at Baruch. It is through Intervarsity that I have learned and found great joy in serving Baruch as a whole. I believe that my past leadership experiences make me an excellent candidate for the position as a member of the Student Media Council. I believe together as Next Gen Baruch, we truly can make a difference at Baruch College next year!.
Arie FischmanArie Fischman
Hello, my name is Arie Fischman and I am running for Student Media Council.  I have been an increasingly active student on campus throughout my Baruch career. The first club I joined, Hillel, began to help me find a way to become a part of the Baruch community. It was in Hillel where I met members of The Ticker who brought me to their community where I took on the role of Advertising Director for three semesters. During my two years involved with The Ticker, I learned about everything that is involved with the creation and distribution of the newspaper. With Lexicon and Encounters right next door, I was able to see how other media organizations in Baruch are run. In addition, last year I co-founded the Baruch chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success as the Vice President. With this knowledge that I have gained through my experiences at Baruch I am confident I can take on this role.
Student Programming Board
Candice ChatterpaulCandice Chatterpaul
As someone who is an extreme advocate of student life in college, I, Candice Chatterpaul, sophomore at Baruch College, is happy to say that I will be running for the Student Programming Board with my fellow teammates. The Student Programming Board is such a wonderful fit for me because while I agree that grades and schoolwork should be every student’s top priority, I also believe that a big part of college is being involved and enjoying one’s self by being immersed within student life. Our college has tons of thriving clubs but unfortunately, there are people who do not think they have time for clubs, nor may they believe that there are any clubs “for them”. Because I am so passionate about being involved and enjoying college, I would love to have the opportunity to reach out to that group of students and show them that we all care about what they care about, and that they have a voice to be heard about what they can see at this college. Many people complain about what’s missing here at Baruch, I’m ready to listen and do what is in my power to implement what they would like to see.
Jun Hao HuangJun Hao Huang
My name is Jun Hao Huang but you can call me John. I am currently a Representative Senator at USG. I am running for Student Programming Board. I want to be like AJ and have fun. AJ made a huge impact in room -3-265 and on the second floor. We always have meetings in 3-265 and have coffee events on second floor. I will be in charge for the next coffee event and I hope to continue this tradition in the future.
Mire Kang Mire Kang
I, Mire Kang, am thrilled to run for Undergraduate Student Government as a member of Student Programming Board for Next Gen Baruch. The reason why I am running for this position is that I can come up with practical materials in the view of student. One of my goals is to enhance the quality of campus life by providing constructive programs that will promote and cultivate educational and social relations among students, faculty, and administrative staffs of the college. I will thoroughly review and recommend programs in order to achieve my goal. In addition, we are eager to hear students’ voice.  We will prepare helpful resources that students can get a benefit based on students’ opinions. I look forward to campaigning.
Amy YeAmy Ye
I came into Baruch College as a freshman with the mindset that I would become as active on campus as I was previously in high school with my extracurricular activities. I joined several organizations in Baruch in the hopes of expanding my network as well as educational, professional, and social development. Throughout my semesters in Baruch, I believe I did indeed do just that. I also gained credibility amongst the organizations I actively participated in by supporting the members and the various roles I held. Coming into my junior year, while continuing to balance my schoolwork along with my organizational duties, I sought to seek a more active and fulfilling role on campus, one that would allow me to give back to my community as much as it has given me and the organizations I took part in. That is why I want to run for a position in the Student Programming Board. If elected, I pledge to uphold all the responsibilities given onto me as a member of the Undergraduate Student Government.

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