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Government & Nonprofits Subject Matter Experts

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David Birdsell
Subject Matter Expertise: political debating, local, national and international politics and political figures, politics in the media, leadership and governance in nonprofit organizations
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Hilary Botein
Subject Matter Expertise: low income housing, community development policies
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James Krauskopf
Subject Matter Expertise: nonprofit organization mergers and alliances, performance measurement in government contracting, organizational collaboration in disaster response and recovery, human services policy and management
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John Casey
Subject Matter Expertise: nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, immigration policy, policing, college education
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Greg Chen
Subject Matter Expertise: public and corporate finance, nonprofit financial management, research methodology and program evaluation, traffic safety and injury prevention, school safety, comparative healthcare systems
Also Fluent in: Chinese
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Jonathan Engel
Subject Matter Expertise: healthcare planning and financing, social welfare policy, healthcare reform
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Martin R. Frankel
Subject Matter Expertise: aspects of survey research, including sample design, sample selection, sample weighting and sample variance computation; the use of statistical surveys and general statistics methods in certain cases involving public, education and health policy
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Diane Gibson

Diane Gibson
Subject Matter Expertise: welfare programs and obesity-related outcomes; links between the neighborhood food environment and weight-related outcomes; public health implications of increasing eye disease prevelance
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Hector Cordero-Guzman
Subject Matter Expertise: immigrant and minority group issues; immigrant and minority business ownership; community-based organizations (CBOs), non-profits and philanthropy; labor market, employment, workforce and labor issues; poverty and socio-economic inequality; social movements; social science research methods
Also Fluent in: Spanish
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Peter Dobkin Hall
Subject Matter Expertise: philanthropy, voluntarism, and nonprofit institutions; wealthy individuals, philanthropic elites and their influence on nonprofit management; charities law, regulation and taxation; corporate social responsibility; the impact of religion on politics and public life
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David Jones
Subject Matter Expertise: U.S. Congress, mid-term elections, incumbents
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