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Elizabeth Wollman

liz wollman baruch musicElizabeth Wollman, professor of music, is available for commentary on a range of issues pertaining to American musical theater including:

— Contemporary musicals, rock musicals, and the commercial theater industry

— Sexuality and gender

— The cultural history of New York City as it relates to the commercial theater

Wollman is a graduate of Columbia University and has a Ph. D in Ethnomusicology from the City University of New York Graduate Center. She is the author of The Theater Will Rock: A History of the Rock Musical, from Hair to Hedwig, and Hard Times: The Adult Musical in 1970s New York City. She’s currently completing The Critical Companion to the American Stage Musical for Methuen/Bloomsbury, and is beginning work on a collected volume tentatively titled The Routledge Companion to the Post-1970 American Musical.

Wollman has been featured in Billboard, The New York Times, Nerve, and on the Oxford University Press blog, and has been featured a number of times on NPR.


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