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David Anderson

Greg ChenDavid Anderson is Assistant Professor of Management in the Zicklin School of Business. His research areas have focused on healthcare operations management, hospital resource management, data mining and statistical modeling related to healthcare management.

He is available to comment on:

- The impact of electronic medical record adoption on hospital operations

- Use of personalized health data such as insurance claims and electronic data to tailor care and prevention plans

 - Predictive modeling of which patients are at risk for negative health outcomes and emergency room visits

- Emergency room management, including differences in treatment quality based on hospital arrival time, discharge practices of surgeons and re-admission rates

- Data mining and privacy issues related to Google search terms and how that data is used to target consumers with certain health conditions

- Resource allocation and management that improves efficiency and quality of patient care

- Prostate cancer screening policies

Professor Anderson has been published in Production and Operations Management, IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, Healthcare Management Science and Nature.

He earned a B.S. in Applied Math-Statistics and Operations Research from the College of William and Mary and a PhD in Operations Management from The University of Maryland.


Suzanne Bronski: 646-660-6093 Email: