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Shulamith Gross

Naomi GardbergShulamith Gross is a professor of statistics at the Zicklin School of Business and director of Baruch’s Statistical Consulting Laboratory. As director she helps researchers in all fields - including international business, marketing, finance, management and information systems – extract information from data to resolve statistical problems associated with their projects.

She is available to comment on:
- Drug or medical treatment recommendations based on clinical trials or observational data
- Courtroom litigation statistics
- Election results disputes
- The evaluation of competing probability forecasts of future events of interest in finance or other business disciplines

Professor Gross is known for developing a bootstrap method for survey data and has also developed methodology for the analysis clinical trials data. She has served as statistics director at the mathematics division of the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C., and as a consultant to the World Health Organization, the Princeton Center for Environment, and Education Testing Service, among other institutions.

Her research on “Evaluating Probability Predictions” was published in Annals of Statistics. She has also published in the journals Management Science, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association and Statistica Sinica.

Professor Gross earned a BSc. in Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD. in Statistics and Probability from the University of California at Berkeley.

She is also fluent in French, Italian and Hebrew


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