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Subject Matter Experts:
Baruch College's administration and faculty are experts in a wide range of relevant and topical areas and are available to serve as dynamic media sources. Find an SME by searching our topic list on the right panel of this page. Baruch also has a number of Centers & Institutes that offer information and expertise on a variety of issues that may be of interest.


PresidentMitchelWallerstein President Mitchel Wallerstein
Subject Matter Expertise: current state of public higher education and its likely future; building program excellence and maintaining standards in the face of reduced public support
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Subject Matter Expertise: Proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and military strategies and responses; Counter-terrorism, particularly related to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction; Iran nuclear weapons development efforts and Middle East security; North Korean nuclear and long-range missile threat and Northeast Asian security
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Paquita Davis-FridayPaquita Davis-Friday
Subject Matter Expertise: the relationship between international financial reporting and firm valuation; the role of accounting disclosures in security valuation; the financial statement implications of pensions and executive compensation.
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Robert SmithRobert Smith
Subject Matter Expertise: Mexican communities; Mexican community organizations and leaders; Immigration, undocumented citizens and youth; Urban Education

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