Faculty Services


Name Subject Area(s)
Prof. Janey Chao CIS, Eastern Languages and Literature, Romance Languages and Literature
Prof. Frank Donnelly Geography, Demography, GIS
Prof. Arthur Downing Mathematics, Statistics
Prof. Lisa Ellis Advertising, Fine & Performing Arts, Marketing
Prof. Stephen Francoeur Philosophy, Journalism, Psychology
Prof. Harold Gee Real Estate
Prof. Joseph Hartnett School of Professional Studies
Prof. Randy Hensley Public Affairs, Communication Studies
Prof. Gerry Jiao Education, Library Science
Prof. Louise Klusek Economics, Reference, Management & Labor
Prof. Lewis Liu Finance and Investment, Insurance
Prof. Rita Ormsby Accounting & Taxation, Law
Prof. Aisha Peña Science and Technology, Religion
Prof. Ryan Phillips Entrepreneurship
Prof. Bobbie Pollard Black and Hispanic Studies
Prof. Linda Rath Anthropology, Sociology, Women's Studies
Prof. Sandra Roff History
Prof. Chris Tuthill English Language and Literature
Prof. Michael Waldman Health Care Administration, Political Science