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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Graduate Programs/Advisement - School of Public Affairs

Last updated on 1/05/07

School of Public Affairs Graduate Programs
(646) 660-6750

Weissman School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs
Zicklin School of Business Graduate Programs

The Office of Graduate Admissions and Student Services (135 E. 22nd Street, 10th flr.) manages enrollments for all graduate programs for the School from marketing the programs through alumni affairs. All prospective students interested in the Master of Public Administration (MPA), the Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration (MSEdHEA), the Masters of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision (MSEdSAS) or an educational certificate program should be referred to this office.

Initial advisement for incoming students occurs at Orientation, where they also register for classes. Students are immediately assigned a staff advisor, the person who will work with the students to insure smooth progress through the program. The staff advisor assists with registration issues, the appeals process, transferring classes, etc. In addition, all incoming students are assigned a faculty advisor within the first month of classes. The students meet with their faculty advisor preferably in their first semester and absolutely before they have completed 12 credits of coursework. Students complete a Program Plan with their faculty advisor, indicating their specialization and the electives they are most interested in taking.

Students with unresolved issues relating to the academic and scholastic requirements of their programs may need to appeal to the Graduate Committee on Academic Standing. The Office of Admissions & Student Services advises students about their appeals and coordinates the appeals process.

Michael Lovaglio, Director of Admissions & Student Services
Admissions, Graduate Assistantships 646-660-6760

Ria Rasalan, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions 646-660-6759

Elyse Mendel, Director of Career Services
Career Services, Alumni Affairs 646-660-6754

Sandra Fajardo, Assistant Director of Academic Advisement
MPA Students, Scholarships 646-660-6761

Maureen Samedy, Coordinator of Academic Services

MSEd Students 646-660-6752

Jennifer Harrington, Undergraduate

Corrdinator for Public Affairs 646-660-6700