The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Student Registration & Attendance

Last updated on 3/4/2015


Student Registration: Immediately prior to your first class and in the early weeks of the semester you will receive a series of rosters from the Registrar's Office. Each will show the students registered to take your course as academic calendar deadlines, like the drop/add period, pass. A few weeks into the semester, you'll receive the Certification Roster, which must be reviewed and corrected so that your records match those on file in the Registrar's Office.

Only students whose names appear on the class roster may be admitted to your class. Students whose names do not appear on the roster should be told to check with the Registrar's Office before they may be admitted.   You may have students who have registered to audit your class; the roster will reflect this. You may have students who are blocked from taking your class because the Registrar's Office indicates that the class size limit has been reached. You may also have students who registered that day. These students must have a receipt from the Registrar's Office in order to be admitted to your class.

Online Viewing:   As a faculty member, you may also access your Course Roster online by logging in and then viewing and/or downloading your course information. To view instructions for course roster certification and WN/WU reporting, please see eRoster.  

Attendance: State law requires us to keep track of attendance, and to fill out carefully the certification of attendance roster that you'll receive several weeks into the semester. Attendance in class may be one of the criteria you use in evaluating student performance.

If you're teaching a small class, you'll probably know the names of each of your students within a couple of weeks and can then eyeball the room.   A good way to take attendance in a large class may be to post a sign-in sheet, with a place to sign next to the typed name. Once the class begins you can replace it with a late sheet. There is no need to type these sheets yourself. You can print out the online class roster and post that for each class.

You should alert the Registrar's Office to let them know of students who have missed a number of consecutive class sessions.

See the Office of the Registrar homepage for more information on policies and procedures.

Please see Grading for more information about grading students for lack of attendance.