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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Letters of Recommendation

Last updated on 6/29/2010


Students may ask you to write letters of recommendation for placement in an academic program, internship or job.

You should carefully consider this request, which can be both an honor and significant undertaking. Think about whether or not you have the qualifications, time, and most importantly, feel comfortable performing this task in good conscience.

Common sense will serve you well here. Perhaps the guiding question to ask oneself is whether, if asked, you could defend your decision to write.

There are no formal policies, practices, or standards at Baruch for this specific aspect of your teaching career. However, it's advisable for adjuncts to allow for the following:

  1. If the letter of recommendation is requested from you in your capacity as a Baruch instructor, then the use of Baruch stationery is appropriate.
  2. You should be clear in your letter that you are an adjunct (not full-time faculty).
  3. It is likely that departmental chairpersons have differing ideas about this subject. Therefore, it is prudent to make sure your department chair knows what you are doing and why.